World Class Venues in the Heart of Thailand

The info-graphic titled as “Thailand’s 8 World class venues”, provides detailed information about top 8 places to roam in Thailand and also why they considered as the best places in Thailand.

Thailand has an amazing variety of destinations for business events, meetings, conferences each offering its own unique experience. One of them is CMICE- the Chang-Mai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the largest venue in south East Asia famous for its scenic beauty and friendly hospitable people. Another one is PEACE- Pattaya Exhibition and Convention hall which is the remarkable destination for MICE owing to its seaside resorts with the closest proximity to Bangkok. This is the world class multipurpose venue along with beach.

A leading Thai architectural firm was agreed to design a structure with a strong Thai culture and to coordinate all construction work. QSNCC- the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center which was officially opened by Their Majesties King “Bhumibol Adulyadej” and “Queen Sirikit” on 29 August 1991. The Center is named after Queen Sirikit in honor of Her Majesty’s 60th birthday and marked the completion of an auspicious fifth twelve-year cycle. Here you’ll get National heritage venue with world class standard.

So many other remarkable places in Thailand and Bangkok that will make you fall in love with and then you don’t want to leave Thailand. To know more other amazing places, please refer to the details mentioned on below info-graphic.



Thailand: Land of Smiles

The info-graphic titled as ”Thailand Land of Smiles”, describes the economy and culture in Thailand. Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with a current population of 68 millions. The remarkable date of its admission to United States was 16 December, 1946.

Thailand is best known for its tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. You can find nearby beaches and resorts include bustling Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin.

How can we forget the king “Bhumibol Adulyadej” who was born on 5 December 1927 and died in 13 October 2016, conferred with the title King Bhumibol the great in 1987. He was the ninth monarch of Thailand from the Chakri dynasty as Rama IX. Now the throne of Thailand has been taken over by his son Maha Vajiralongkorn.

For foodie Thailand is the best place to visit. Herbs and Spices are an essential ingredient of Thai cooking. When using in a proper quantity they help achieving a balance of the four essential Thai tastes; salty, sour, spicy, and sweet. Almost every Thai recipe starts with a paste of onions, garlic, chilies both red and green.

Houses in Thailand are typically made up of wood and are raised up on posts. The homes are raised because of rainy and monsoon season, which might bring flood. Several generations may live in the same house.

To know more about Thailand and Thai culture please refer to the details mentioned on below info-graphic.

Thailand Tour

The Perfect Family Holiday Destination To French

The Cathedral of St. John is a medieval church with architectural elements of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries….. and is the principal religious structure in the city with the seat of the Archbishop of Lyon, the Basilica of St-Martin-d’Ainay being one of the rare surviving Romanesque basilica-style churches…. the Eglise Saint-Nizier is a Gothic church with a carved doorway…. the Vieux Lyon or the English Old Lyon area is the Medieval and Renaissance quarter of the town, with shops, dining and cobbled streets…… The Place Bellecour, is one of the largest town squares in Europe….Chapelle de la Trinité….. the first Baroque chapel…..and Saint-Bruno des Chartreux…. a church and a masterpiece of Baroque architecture.

The Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon is a Fine Arts Museum housed in a former convent of the seventeenth- century…. This stunning and eminently manageable museum showcases France’s finest collection of sculptures and paintings outside of Paris from antiquity onwards….the main museum of the city and one of the largest art galleries in France. Housed in the “Palais Saint Pierre”, a former seventeenth-century convent, it displays a major collection of paintings by artists collections of sculptures, drawings and printings, decorative arts, Roman and Greek antiquities…. the second largest collection of Egyptian antiquities after that of the Louvre…. and a medal cabinet of fifty thousand medals and coins……….

Make a trip to the Gallo-Roman Museum displaying many valuable objects and artworks found on the site of Roman Lyon such as Circus Games Mosaic, Coligny calendar and the Taurobolic Altar and the Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon….. a contemporary art museum!

Other sites include…….. the Musée Gadagne…… a museum of the history of Lyon housed in a historic building that also includes a large collection of marionnettes…… Housed in a sixteenth-century mansion built for two rich Florentine bankers, this twin-themed exhibition space incorporates an excellent local history museum Musée d’Histoire de Lyon chronicling the city’s layout……The Musée des Automates is a museum of automated puppets.
Some mesmerizing gardens for a stroll…..are…..the Parc de la Tête d’Or, or literally, the Golden Head Park, in central Lyon….. the largest urban park in France that features a vast lake on which boating takes place during the summer months……and the Jardin botanique de Lyon included in the Parc de la Tête d’Or, which now describes itself as the largest municipal botanical garden…… Place des Terreaux is the centrepiece of the Presqu’île’s beautiful central square… a nineteenth-century fountain made of twenty-one tonnes of lead and sculpted by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi of the Statue of Liberty fame!

Maison des Canuts…..On a fifty-minute guided tour, learn about weavers’ labour-intensive life and the industry’s evolution, see manual looms in use, and browse the silk boutique

Sitting astride the confluence of the Moselle and Seille rivers, Lorraine’s graceful capital Metz…. pronounced ‘mess’ is ready to be fêted…… Though the city’s Gothic marvel of a cathedral, superlative art collections and Michelin star–studded dining scene long managed to side-step the world spotlight, all that changed with the show-stopping arrival of Centre Pompidou-Metz….. Yet the Pompidou is but the prelude to Metz’ other charms…. buzzy pavement cafes and shady riverside parks, a beautiful old town built from golden Jeumont stone and a regal Quartier Impérial up for UNESCO World Heritage status….. Suddenly, everyone’s talking about this city, and rightly s More Tourist attractions in France city.

Bright white by day, all aglow after dark, this new star of the northern France art scene is on the tip of everyone’s tongue….. Designed by world class art-duo, specifically Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, with a curved roof resembling a space-age Chinese hat, the architecturally innovative Centre Pompidou-Metz is the star of the city’s art scene….A provincial cousin to the well-known Centre Pompidou in Paris, this modern art museum is as much an architectural gem as an exhibition powerhouse, easily on par with Bilbao’s Guggenheim and London’s Tate……. Part of the experience is a designer lunch, aka edible art on a plate, at the Museum’s La Voile Blanche……. The Cathédrale St-Étienne has lacy golden spires and this Gothic cathedral crowns the Metz’ skyline…… the Gothic Saint Stephen’s cathedral is sometimes nicknamed the Good Lord’s Lantern….in French, la Lanterne du Bon Dieu….. as it has the largest expanse of stained glass windows in the world….these include works by Gothic and Renaissance master glass makers…… the Quartier Impérial is engulfed with stately boulevards and bourgeois villas of the German Imperial Quarter, including rue Gambetta and av Foch….. the brainchild of Kaiser Wilhelm II……The Golden Courtyard, in French, la Cour d’Or, is a museum dedicated to the history of Metz, divided into four sections… archaeology, medieval, architecture, and fine arts…… The Golden Courtyard displays a rich collection of Gallo-Roman and medieval finds and the remains of the Gallo-Roman baths of Divodurum Mediomatricum,……Verlaine’s House, in French, la Maison de Verlaine is a museum located in the house where the poet Paul Verlaine was born, dedicated to his work, featuring permanent and temporary exhibitions…… the Solange Bertrand foundation, located in the artist’s former house, conserves and displays her artworks!

The French Marvel

Street art, city views, coffee and markets…… exploring Belleville, Paris’ hip new neighbourhood……may introduce you to this…….once a patchwork of farms and windmills, Edith Piaf’s….. old stomping ground and a staunchly working-class quartier  or neighbourhood, known as brilliantly multicultural Belleville…..  now home to neobistros, coffee roasters and burgeoning art projects….. and with some of the city’s best street art, panoramic views and a rising food scene, this is clearly a slice of northeastern Paris worth checking out……move on to exotic Burgundy and savour the cultural heritage of Lyon…….with it’s famous heritage walls and delectable wineries…….. to rejuvenate yourselves on………The French Marvel!!!!

Tourist Attractions:
Arrive in Paris and head for Belleville’s rue Dénoyez sports …….the most dazzling street art. Everything on the short street, from rubbish bins and flowerpots to lamp posts and window shutters, is covered from head to toe in colourful art. Artist workshops line the street where local kids kick footballs around and street art ‘happenings’ break out on sultry summer nights. At the end of the street, break for an organic jasmine ice tea, homemade lemonade or glass of warm vanilla milk at Le Barbouquin, a mellow literary cafe with books, vintage armchairs and cultural events such as violin-accompanied poetry readings on weekends.

From blvd de Belleville walk east along rue des Couronnes until you reach rue de la Mare, a plain unassuming street brightened with the odd splash of street art and hidden artist studios and workshops. Seek out ceramists, potters and highly creative milliners such as Estelle Ramousse  known for her theatrical made-to-measure hats. On nearby rue Envierges, haute-couture fashion designer Stéphanie Coudert tailor-makes unique pieces in her hip studio with striking, raw-wood façade. The best time to encounter local artists at work is during the annual Portes Ouvertes  or ‘Open House’ in May when  a group of artists open their studio doors to visitors for four days. Some of their work is displayed year-round in the gallery of Les Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville.

Below the panoramic terrace on rue Piat the green lawns, fountains and trimmed hedgerows of Parc de Belleville tumble down the hillside. Amid hectares of urban greenery is a gargantuan slide, toboggan ride and climbing frame for kids. Right under your feet, beneath the panoramic terrace, actually a rooftop, is the Maison de l’Air …… inside is a green exhibition on air quality in Paris.

For city views, wander along rue des Envierges, past old-fashioned bistro Le Vieux Belleville where you can hear accordion music and chansons  or songs still being performed of an evening. At the end of street the stunning city panorama sweeps across the horizon from the terrace on rue Piat. An orientation table, designed in colour ceramic mosaics by local artists, maps out the Eiffel Tower and other key monuments on the skyline………as you continue on…….this French Marvel!!!

Take a break and tuck into a baguette sandwich filled with Morbier cheese, walnuts and honey from gourmet bakery Le Panorama Gourmand and flop on the rather funky chaise lounge….  built from recycled wooden pallets……  on the square here……. or stop in at L’O’Paris,  a modern cafe with sky blue façade, bright pink interior and live jazz at weekends.

This region was put on the hipster map by Belleville Brûlerie, a ground-breaking roastery that brought good  creative coffee to Paris. Belleville beans go into espressos and cappuccinos served at some of the city’s coolest barista-run cafes such as Fondation Café, Holybelly and Lockwood…….lo…..and….. if in you’re in Belleville on a Saturday you can taste, buy and drink coffee in situ at the roastery  as  ‘cupping’ sessions on Saturday mornings are a highlight.

For an authentic taste of an Asian food scene on this side…..head to Tai Yen for Chinese and Don Huong for Vietnamese…… both offer outstanding value. The neighbourhood’s crop of hip neo-bistros includes Felicity Lemon, which sells itself as the cantine de quartier  or neighbourhood canteen….. the place where everyone goes, and rising star Chatomat. Natural wines accompany homemade bistro platters at the stylish wine cellar Chapeau Melon, while an unpretentious favourite is Mon Oncle Le Vigneron …. Pascal and Chika have cooked and entertained guests around shared tables at this upmarket grocery store and kitchen for the last nineteen years. For Sunday brunch there is one address….. beneath a hundred-year olive tree at  a buzzing arts centre Le Bellevilloise……..sumptuous fare on……..the French Marvel!!!!

Stall holders shout out loud to flog their wares in a din of different languages at raucous open-air food market, Marché de Belleville. Its stalls have filled busy thoroughfare blvd de Belleville and shopping here for fruit, vegetables and other fresh produce is a fantastic entry into the large, vibrant community, home to artists, students and immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. End your foodie shop with a more sedate shopping experience at Fromagerie Beaufils, a family-run fromagerie and affineur or ripener…… rated as one of the best cheese shops in Paris. Crunchy baguettes and other wood-oven-baked bread from Belleville’s prize-winning boulangerie  or bakery Au 140 make the perfect picnic partner.

Dubai is Favourite Holiday Destination For Indian

Combine a treasure trove of history, culture, architecture and frolic with the magnificence of a great destination on the Dubai Holiday Package! The journey begins in with grandeur in this city, which is located south-east of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula, an emirate within the United Arab Emirates, blending an amazing contrast of the old and new.   Experience the sandy desert surrounding the city, wild grasses and the veritable treasure of occasional date palms and the desert hyacinths growing in the sabkha plains, along with acacia and ghaf trees growing the flat regions. The stupendous city makes makes a pleasurable break for shopping, partying, sunbathing, fine dining, adventure activities, and perhaps a few tempting pleasures!

Dubai Sightseeing Tours

There is the white crystalline area of the Dubai Creek, masterpieces of architectural novice in old and modern Dubai, the exhilarating and shimmering `Gold Souk’ laden with best ornaments and pearls across the globe, the classic mosque and museums, and frolic on the shining desert sand and bustling evening jaunts! 

Tourist Attractions:

After checking into a hotel, the representative gets you on a start with your visual delights at the Creek. An easier way of crossing the Dubai Creek is by abra, essentially a small ferry and abra stations are located along the Creek on both the Bur Dubai and Deira sides, as the system of filling the boats is remarkably efficient.   The entire arena gives a very picturesque view of the city which should not to be missed. The Creek is also the home of many boats offering more comfortable tours, as they are often   designed to resemble dhows.  In and around the Creek, tourists can see some of the original buildings that have served as customs houses and defence structures. You can book a ride on the Creek with a dinner cruise or even rent a private boat to go on an hour long ride up and down this beautiful area. The waterbus is another option for tourists who want to go by boat but not the abra!

Go on to old Dubai and you land in the Bastakiya District which is one  of the last remaining pockets of this area, home to many reconstructed buildings in the traditional style, with an evocative atmosphere  and  plenty of delightful art galleries and cafes to explore, and indulge.  The Dubai Museum is a must-see for those interested in the social history of the Emirate and the country. A visit to the Al-Fahidi fort showcases a few examples of the traditional reed houses and other artifacts but the more interesting part is the modern extension built underneath the fort, emphasizing Dubai’s history using the latest technology and culminating in a reconstructed souq  from the pearling days, complete with authentic sights and sounds. It is quite fascinating to see the speed at which the transition occurred from an underdeveloped pearling village to a modern metropolis, with splendid architecture.  The Jumeirah Mosque,  is the largest in the city, and a wonderful example of Islamic design, as it is built in the medieval Fatimid tradition with the interior decorated with elaborate Arabic calligraphy. The Mosque is an especially great place to visit in the evening when it is dramatically illuminated by floodlights, staring with a shine into the eyes of it’s visitors. Besides this you could seek blessings at the Grand Mosque and the Al Mamzar Mosque. Then there is the divine Christ church and the St. Mary’s Church, for a visit! Do make a trip to the Shindagha District which is home to the open museums of the Heritage Village.  The adjoining Diving Village offers exhibits on pearl diving and fishing, and forms the part of an ambitious plan to turn the entire “Shindagha” area into a cultural city, recreating life in Dubai as it was in the bygone era! The Heritage Village of Hatta is situated in the heart of the rocky Hatta Mountains. The history of the village can be traced back to implicate that it consists of some elegant buildings that originated around two to three thousand years ago, each differing in size, interior layout and concrete material, and during renovation great care was taken to use the same materials as those used when originally built such as mud, hay, sandalwood and palm fronds! Also, the Sharia Mosque is an old mosque that originates around two hundred years ago using the same building materials and consists of a large prayer hall, a court and courtyard, minaret and other utility rooms!

Dubai Tourist Attraction

Next would be Modern Dubai on the list of your Dubai – Holiday Package! The Burj Khalifa, until recently called Burj Dubai,  is the world’s tallest structure by a long shot than the previous contender in Taipei, , with the triple-lobed footprint of the building based on an abstracted version of the desert flower hymenocallis which is native to the region. The observation deck is the second highest in the world after the Shanghai World Financial center. Already dominating the Dubai skyline, the newly opened tower, houses nine hotels and a Las Vegas-inspired fountain system, the Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest dancing fountain laden with a very enticing display of the dancing waters! The show starts every evening at the Burj Dubai Lake to keep the visitors fantasized by it’s eminent display! The Dubai Marina is a newer and more popular areas of Modern Dubai, both with residents and tourists. It offers numerous features such as a phenomenal skyline, world class hotels, a fabulous beach, a mall, and two different walkways, the Walk and Marina Walk, with coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. “Marina Walk” is right on the “Marina water”, with a spread of yachts, which can be rented for a cruise around the area.” The Walk” has a nice open market run from October till May, every Fridays and Saturdays at daylight. Visit the Palm Islands which houses the three largest artificial islands in the world, located just off the coast of Dubai, a major urban development to add a significant amount of upscale beachfront property to the area. Each of the islands is shaped like a palm leaf, with a trunk connected to the mainland, fronds extending from the trunk, and a crescent, or a breakwater encircling the trunk and fronds. Of the three planned islands, the Palm Jumeirah,   near Dubai Marina, is the only one yet open, connected to the mainland by a freeway bridge and a monorail, enclosing  sports marinas, luxury resorts, and upscale shopping areas. The Wild Wadi Park is the perfect place for the entire family to spend a day as well as a great way to beat the heat and enjoy the day away from the bustle of the city.  Located close to the hotels and resorts of Jumeriah Beach, the park has water rides, slides, and a lagoon that’s hidden away, as the visitors enjoy waterfalls, out of the way swimming holes, and a tidal pool, and some lavish cuisine to swirl their taste buds!

Make Your Honeymoon Remarkable By Visiting Place Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the world’s top luxury tourism destinations as it possesses a wide range of natural and man-made attractions, enjoys a sub-tropical climate with clear warm sea waters, lapped up by attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora and complemented by a multi-ethnic and cultural population that is warm and hospitable. So, get on board the Mauritius Honeymoon Package, engulfed in matrimonial bliss!

Honeymoon Packages in Mauritius

A fascinating, world-in-one-island slice of paradise, the very thought of which conjures up images of tropical glory and stupendous extravagance. While in many destinations, famed for cobalt-blue seas, white sandy beaches and elite hotels, you may eventually find yourself wishing for something to do besides sunbathing and swimming, in such a mysterious and intriguing panorama!  The island is loaded with historic sights, cultural diversity, geographic variation and almost limitless activities to distract you from the daily grind of beach and pool, though perhaps its single biggest asset is the relaxed charm of its inhabitants.

Move towards the north and it has orchards, botanical gardens and discotheques, the south, such as Gris Gris has high cliffs, offering spectacular views of the ocean waves crashing against rocks. It is also rich in archaeological heritage, forests and wildlife. The best surfing spots lie in the south-west behind Morne Brabant, while Le Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Adventure enthusiasts are bound to head for the “blue safari” sub-scooter or submarine, an “undersea walk” for non-scuba divers or a semi-submersible boat ride for an unforgettable undersea voyage, with your beloved spouse.  There is thrill at every step and you may pursue activities such as sailing, scuba-diving, kite-surfing, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, water-skiing, yachting, mountain biking, trekking, horse riding, abseiling or rappelling and zip-lining……very popular with the tourist crowds!

When you open your eyes to the blue sea, you could find yourselves at the Ile Aux Cerfs Island, also known as Deer Island. Near the east coast, this is one of the best islands in Mauritius with miles of sandy beaches, and a beautiful lagoon. There are several fine restaurants, for the honeymooners to wine and dine on a moonlit night or a sunny afternoon, or perhaps just enjoy the sun rise or sunset, around the waters! This island is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful lagoon and a big selection of activities and facilities and the couples are sure to have a day of relaxation and fun on one of the picture postcard beaches, discovering each other in this stunning locale! Tourists can enjoy parasailing, water-skiing, swimming, snorkeling golfing, which are optional of course, or just relax by the beach, making this amazing paradise island the perfect setting for a relaxing day of sun worship while enjoying various water sports or other beach activities.  You will find many restaurants that cater to almost every palate and it would be worthwhile to try some of the local cuisine, just to give that adventurous risk to the taste buds! In addition, there is a big selection of water sports kiosks along certain parts offering water skiing, banana and glass bottom boats for a cruise in the shining waters!! Some of the best beaches  can be found on the east coast, including Blue Bay and its marine reserve and the delightful swathes of sand that exist around Belle Mare, where the honeymooners will want to spend hours basking in the sun, lazing in the sight of the long white, powdery stretch!!! You may also find the Trou d’Eau Douce, the main jumping off point for the islet Île aux Cerfs. The entire coastline comprises of exquisite coves and emerald lagoons, permanently enhanced by a cool sea breeze, as life goes by at a slow pace in the east, whether you are a member of the fishing community or a holidaymaker. Situated between the mountains and the sea, the east is characterised by charming little villages with poetic names like Petite Julie, Mare d’Australia and Queen Victoria, showing you the tranquil side and upholding its picturesque dignity!

Four Seasons Mauritius

One of the main `green’ attractions is the Black River Gorges National Park which extends over several acres encompassing the  Pamplemousses Gardens with innumerable local and exotic plant, thus providing a haven to  highly endangered native plants and animals, endemic flowering plants and birds that can only be found in Mauritius.  Also, the newlyweds would get to notice strikingly beautiful different Coloured Earths of Chamarel, which are clusters of earthy mounds which are so   undulating,  as these dune-like knolls vary so wildly in colour, and  some say the seven shades of earth were formed from volcanic ash deposits that cooled at different temperatures. Others believe that the colours of the mounds can be attributed to the differing quantity of metal oxide they each contain. These are especially breathtaking first thing in the morning, when the sun is at its brightest and the colours at their deepest.

Owing to the exceptionally high level of sunshine over the district, you could visit the Tamarin Bay which has become the heart of salt production in Mauritius. The Salt Pans make an interesting diversion if you happen to be in the area………on your Mauritius Honeymoon Package!

Enter Port Louis, which is the business and administrative capital of Mauritius, packed with office-workers during the day, and quickly quietening down after office-hours, allowing visitors to enjoy a night out along the famous Caudan Waterfront. Those arriving during daylight hours should head for the bustling Central Market or Champ de Mars, the oldest racecourse in the Indian Ocean region. The historical centre of the city, the Place D’Armes is the main, palm-lined square that links the capital’s port to the Government House. Fort Adelaide on a hill overlooking the city and the harbour, is a citadel-like structure and today, it hosts shows and concerts from both local and visiting artists from all over the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Aapravasi Ghat, or ‘immigration depot’ in Hindi, pays tribute to the thousands of indentured labourers who arrived in Mauritius from India after the abolition of slavery and eventually settled in the country. Coast of the island that provides some fine beaches, a great range of accommodation and restaurants, world-class watersports facilities, wonderful shopping opportunities and entertainment. It was one of the first spots in the country to welcome holidaymakers, thereby showcasing itself as an ideal destination for honeymooners! Grand Baie, in the city, has an abundance of restaurants and discotheques. If you like to party to the sound of good music, you will find plenty of options to choose from here, where you can sway and celebrate your romance on your honeymoon! The north isn’t only about night life, however. It also boasts of some of the best-loved sights, including the charming red-roofed church that overlooks the lagoon at Cap Malheureux There is more to Pamplemousses than its delightful botanical gardens, as this northern town has a rich historical past.

Malaysia – A Holiday with Kids

This exotic journey to the ‘land of mountains’, Malaysia in South East Asia, would capture the attention of the travel enthusiasts as they walk along a path with diverse flora, fauna, coastal regions, the tall Kinabalu mountain range, a bewitching kaleidoscope of colours that erupt in its night skyline,  leading to a spectacular panorama , perhaps only rarely explored!  So, look forward to tantalising and mesmerising splendours which would leave you enraptured for a life time! These eclectic multi-faceted avenues would make you discover the varied parts of this shimmering country called Malaysia, with your family and children!
Genting Highlands Malaysia Trip
To orient you with this superb land, it is important to get some insight into the various aromas that surrounds this terrain. The inhabitants of this country are foodies, besides savouring other passions and desires, and adore their culinary fare, which is abundantly evident in the rich variety of cuisine served in restaurants, besides their innumerable hawker stalls. Most of the places are known for a delicious type of food, whilst being reputed for the greatest hawkers’ and street vendors selling delectable dishes for all palates.

The country folks are also fond of dance and music, as they have their traditional dances, the Warrior Dance, the lively Joget, Bamboo Dance, and Tarian Lillin, but it is Silat, the deadly Malaysian martial art form, performed in graceful, spellbinding movements, which takes the viewer’s breath away.

An outdoor game, sepak manggis, in which two groups of men try to grab the goodies in a bunga manggis floral carrier dangling from a high pole, is reminiscent of Holi and Ganpathi celebrations! Bhangra and Bharatnatyam are performed by the Indians, the Chinese Lion Dance and Dragon Dance usher in their New Year, while the lively Farapeira and Branyo are popular Portuguese dances.

This abundant riot of colourful fiesta is ideal and a joy for families along with their children, who can’t help but revel in this magnetic charisma, with a gleam in their eyes, as this takes them away into a world unknown to them, till they get to hear and see the beatific celebration!

Kuala Lumpur Tourism

Venture into the tall skyscrapers, palm and rubber trees, which are an essential part of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.  With a highly-developed infrastructure, this is one of the world’s most-visited cities and is famous for the twirl of sarongs-sarees-baju kebayas-heongsam, the colourful attire of many Muslims, Chinese and Indians who live there and promote this style in all its grace, besides the proud structures influenced by the Arabian, Chinese, Indian, Dutch and Portuguese designers!

Hence, this glittering capital city, has the world’s longest painting on the walls of its’ Pudu Jail, and the other famous landmarks are the Merdeka or Independence Square, Chinatown, the King’s Palace, Istana Negara, Jamek Mosque, National Monument, and Sultan Abdul Samad building with fine Moorish architecture.

Kuala Lumpur or KL is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia. It  is the seat of the Parliament of Malaysia and the major Malaysia tourist destinations here include the Mederka Square,the House of Parliament, the Petaling Street, the National Palace (Istana Negara), the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the National Museum, the Central Market, the National Monument and religious sites such as the Jamek Mosque and Batu Caves. The city plays host to many cultural festivals such as the Thaipusam procession at the Sri Mahamariamman Temple and its  architecture is a blend of old colonial influences, Asian traditions, Malay Islamic inspirations, modern and postmodern architecture mix. Many of these buildings derive their design from traditional Malay items such as the songkok and the keris and some of these structures have Islamic geometric motifs integrated with the designs of the building, signifying Islamic restriction on imitating nature through drawings.

Walk along with your children to the National Museum which is situated along the Mahameru Highway and has a  collection comprising of artifacts and paintings collected throughout the country, and  also the Islamic Arts Museum which houses more than seven thousand Islamic artefacts, including rare exhibits as well as a library of Islamic art books. However, the museum’s collection not only concentrates on works from the Middle East, but also includes displays from China and Southeast Asia. This place has a Cultural Craft Complex coupled with a museum that displays a variety of textile, ceramic, metal craft and weaved products. All the information of the production process are portrayed in a diorama format complete with historical facts, technique and traditionally engineered equipment, thereby enhancing knowledge and sharing skills with adults and children….an educative pursuit!  The Royal Selangor has an ultra modern visitor’s centre, which allows tours to be conducted through its pewter museum, gallery and its factory. In its pewtersmithing workshop, `The School of Hard Knocks’, participants are taught to create their own pewter dish using traditional tools and methods.  Amongst those shown are pottery making, intricate wood carving, silver smithing, weaving songket cloth, stamping batik patterns on cloth and boat making.  Again, an interaction with some of the rare know-how of art and handicraft.

National Mosque Kuala Lumpur

The National Mosque of Malaysia, Masjid Negara is situated amongst a beautiful garden and  is a bold and modern approach in reinforced concrete, and is a uniquely designed building that embodies a contemporary expression of traditional Islamic art with its tall minaret having the shape of a “closed blue umbrella”. Would you like to seek the blessings of `Allah’ along with your family and children!!!!!

Cameron Highlands Tourist Attractions

Much of the Cameron Highlands is under cultivation engulfing hectares of forestland.  Jungle trails lead visitors to scenic spots, waterfalls and aboriginal villages and most of the tracks here begin at Tanah Rata. Apart from its walks, the sanctuary is also known for its tea plantations, vegetable farms, orchards, nurseries, insect life, soaring peaks, nature spots, temperate plants, deep ravines, mossy forest, wild animals, serene lakes, golf links, meandering streams, jungle-clad hills, rest houses, places of worship, waterfalls, rolling greens, reptiles, colonial mansions, Land Rover’s migratory birds, animal traps and last but not the least, its native population.  The natives or aborigines are basically jungle dwellers and on the surface, their lifestyle has always been made out to be backward, though this has changed over the years.  While many have left to take up residence in the nearby towns, there are still some who prefer to treat the jungle as their home. The buildings (at the Cameron Highlands) were similar to those of Simla the “Queen of British hill resorts” in India, and were an eclectic mixture from “railway Gothic of the most overpowering kind to publican’s Tudor”.

Cameron Highlands Day Tours

During the colonial era, the “Cameron” was a haven for the home sick.  At present, it is a stopover for those many who want to escape from the heat of the lowlands. It is endearing to visit the outpost’s Cameron Highlands Church and Bala’s Holiday Chalet which is an inn and one of the oldest buildings at the Highlands.

There’s a network of jungle trails, waterfalls and mountains, and less-taxing points of interest, including colourful temples, rose gardens and tea plantations where visitors are welcome to try the local brew.

Boh Sungai Palas Tea Estate, in the hills north of Brinchang, has the roads lead past a Hindu temple, and the  tea pickers are predominantly Indian.There is also a gift shop selling every version of Boh tea that one can imagine and a pleasant cafe where you can sip tea while looking out over the evergreen dense plantations below.  The Titiwangsa Tours cover the local nurseries, organic farms and orchards and the  entrance fees and dinner are included. Fathers Guest House has a resident licensed guide who leads informative nature tours of the Highlands, including a visit to the Orang Asli village.

Lavender Garden Cameron highlands Tours

The Cameron Highlands Golf Club began with a nine-hole golf course a century ago when it was common to find tiger paw prints in the bunkers!  Apart from its improved facilities, it has also undergone a change in name and is presently known as the Kelab Golf Sultan Ahmad Shah (SAS) Cameron Highlands.

Now known as The Lakehouse, this establishment was previously owned by the late Colonel Stanley J.Foster, and is colonial in its ambience as the unit sits atop a hill overlooking the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake.   The interior is reminiscent of an English country house with open fireplaces and wood-panelled walls.  Outside, the landscape would pass for an authentic English garden with a lush forest reserve serving as its backdrop.    

Tringkap is close to Brinchang and a short distance from the tea estates. Kuala Terla also nearby from Tringkap has  most of its residents as farmers. Kampung Raja is the first town after departing the Simpang Pulai interchange and by and large, a residential area. The best place to pick up local produce is the Multicrops Central Market, which sells teas, fruits, strawberry, jam, honey, potted plants and numerous other things. Yung Seng Souvenir Shop has a good, if rather expensive, selection of Orang Asli, woodcarvings, as well as affordable artwork from across Asia. Very popular with travellers, foreign and domestic, the Rosedale’s menu spans several cuisines (Chinese, Malay, European, Indian), and is complemented by good coffee and free wi-fi. This bright highland also serves a range of simple Indian fare, including tandoori chicken, set meals, fish-head curry and vegetarian dishes.

Hong Kong Vacations

Hong Kong or `fragrant harbour’ in Cantonese, derived its name as the fragrant incense stored for export near the Aberdeen Harbour drifted with the sea breeze, spreading its essence all around. Enclosed by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, stunningly charming Hong Kong has a deep natural harbour, and rates high on the graph of quality life. The eccentric natural beauty comprising gleamy bays, sandy beaches, pristine rivers, shining mountains and nature reserves is complimented by tall modern skyscrapers amidst an amazing skyline that glitters at night!
Hong Kong Tourist Attractions
Sampans are still used for sailing in this harbour , and a trip across the famed Victoria Harbour with shimmering water, blue sky, scenic land and high-peaked mountains may be taken by a ferry service called `Symphony of Lights’, which glows like gem droplets in the sea! You can take a ferry to go to a nearby fishing village and can relax or indulge in some water sports at one of the most popular beaches, strangely called Repulse Bay! Victoria Peak offers panoramic views of the city-state of Hong Kong wherein a tram would take you swiftly to the Peak, amongst exhilarating scenic views. A moving pavement system in some parts, and its longest covered escalators, are a technical marvel in the world! The Star Ferry service was made iconic by the filming of Hollywood’s The World of Suzie Wong. The place is known for its’ junks that traverse in the sea, besides small kai-to ferries that connect remote coastal areas to the mainland. The giant bronze Buddha, Ngong Ping piazza, Po Lin monastery, and sedimentary rock regions with unique and curved landforms are keen tourist attractions , besides an entire village that rests on `stilts’ and you can explore this captivating island city which encompasses the shockingly ethnic Chinese and European architecture, including exquisite ancient Chinese and Indian temples, mosques, and churches. You can even watch playful dolphins in the deep blue sparkling waters! There’s a statue for Bruce Lee, as a tribute to Hong Kong’s martial arts and practitioners. Jackie Chan also belongs here. You can always look forward to some revelry as the city is always celebrating some music or dance festival, while its Cantopop music, which blends Western and Chinese genres, is catchy and hugely enjoyed. The Global Geopark of China, with volcanic and sedimentary rocks and strange landforms, is unique, and listed by UNESCO in its Global Geoparks Network.

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Chinese and Asian handicrafts, textiles, crafts, art deco and other souvenirs are available aplenty to take back gifts and momentoes for relatives and friends. Jade, ivory and other Chinese traditional goods are reminders of the cultural heritage of the place. Chinese clothing has always had a distinct style and fashion sense, from trendy cheongsam dresses, mandarin style jackets and tops, to decorative silk robes and fine fabrics. Chinese black tea and herbal tea is traditionally associated with China and Hong Kong as well as pu-erh tea, oolong tea and Dragon Well tea, amongst other famous types of this healthful drink. You would be spoiled for choice when it comes to the unsurpassed selection of modern and traditional gold jewellery, accessories and ornaments at unbeatable tax-free prices. Chinese dinner service tableware is world-famous for its beauty and durability and porcelain and bone china products which are imported from the Mainland to dozens of shops and department stores in Hong Kong. The jade market is a great place to spend a morning browsing and soaking up the atmosphere, serving as a mecca for collectors from all over the world, as the stone is defined to ward off evil and kept as a lucky mascot for protection.

The temple street night market is an ordered chaos in action and the perfect place to pick up a few bargains, as it is awash with rows of brightly lit stalls hawking an astonishing variety of clothing, pens, watches, compact discs, cassettes, electronic gadgets, hardware and luggage. The busy food stalls offer a range of delicacies including fresh seafood and hotpot dishes to tempt your appetite. The Stanley Market is the incredible place to buy something special as return gifts and the historic lanes in this old fishing village are jam-packed with vendors selling Chinese artwork, silk collectibles and curios, as well as large-sized clothing. Plan to stay for a few hours and sample the fine restaurants in the restored Murray House or along the main street on the waterfront.

Bangkok Travel Information & Holiday Ideas

As the political, economic, cultural, culinary, and spiritual capital of Thailand, Bangkok, or Krung Thep, `a city of angels’, is a modern behemoth of screaming traffic, gleaming shopping centres and international sensibilities interwoven with devout Buddhism. The city has a blend of both old world charm and modern convenience served with a gracious smile. It is impossible not to get enamoured by the exotic temples of the city, which epitomize Thailand’s strong Buddhist history to modern shopping malls, which created shopaholics to be an integral part of a visit to Bangkok!
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Nearly every journey to Bangkok would include a visit to  Grand Palace, its premie sightseeing attraction, situated in the heart of Rattakosin district. The gleaming spires of the Grand Palace are located nearby the most spectacular temples, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Keaw), the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), and Wat Po which features an enormous reclining Buddha and was home of the first Thai massage school in the kingdom, hence making these iconic destinations  a landmark for the city’s unique cultural traditions. You may come across saffron-robed monks travelling through the city, alongside the winding Chao Phraya, the River of Kings’, which is connected by numerous canals from which Bangkok earned its name as `Venice of the East’. A cruise on this river, a visit to the floating market or an exploration of the city’s `back alley’ canals or klongs are themselves captivating fantasies in Bangkok.  Other historical and heritage discoveries include the National Museum, Vimanmek Mansion and Suan Pakkad Palace, all of which either house fine art or national treasures in their own right.

A modern and convenient electric rail system included an elevated sky-train and underground subway have made travel in the city both easy and enjoyable. Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram is a Buddhist temple in the Dusit district of Bangkok, also known as the marble temple and an exquisite site. The thickly forested Lumphini Park, a scintillating Butterfly Farm, Dusit Zoo, Thai Aquarium, Thai Water Amusement Park, numerous enchanting gardens, two hugh parks – Rama IX and Chatuchak- that contain lakes, botanical gardens, besides traditional English, French, and Japanese gardens are added attractions.
Connecting hotels directly to modern shopping malls and traditional markets, such as the Suan Lum Night Bazar and Chatuchak weekend market, the electric rail systems have literally elevated the city’s shopping to world class status. An escapade to Bangkok is not complete without experiencing the vibrant nightlife, during which time you may even witness the occasional elephant wandering the streets!
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Bangkok has some excellent department stores and designer boutiques housed in upmarket complexes such as The Emporium (Phrom Phong is your BTS station), MBK or Siam Paragon. There are several sales around the year so you can be sure of picking up a bargain. With all the enticing shops around you, please remember you have a flight to catch. Also keep in mind that you can get VAT refunds in Bangkok, so please keep your receipts from the stores for encasement.

Whether the purpose of your Thailand holiday is to immerse yourself in the city’s unique culture or simply to splurge in the shopping malls, the guarantee of a fascinating experience of the amazing old legacy and luxurious comfort awaits you. As the city has transformed itself as an exciting and sophisticated hub, the visitors get exposed to a glimpse of gentle hospitality amidst the bustle of a great and dynamic metropolis.