Beautiful Hill Station India Vacation Package

It may be a most challenging task for any tourist to choose a perfect hill station in India for touring.   Choose a sparkling hill resort in India for touring, outing, honeymoon or enjoying adventure activities. However, there are numbers of top famous cool destinations across India for an escapade during any season, either summer or winter, recognized and standing tall with their honour and charm, in the Beautiful Hilly Vacation Package!

From the desert  area of Rajasthan, you could take a short break to Mount Abu, a cool paradise which does justice to the mystique of a mesmerising landscape, and it takes something to be special to be a lush hill station in a desert state, as there is a long history of Hindu mythology attached to the lakes, caves, temples and ashrams tucked away in these hills. Further there are dense forests and trekking trails vanishing into them,  and the Delwara Jain temples  where marble becomes rain, dew, fire, silk……..leaving all but tourist guides speechless! You could visit the Achalgarh Fort and the Guru Shikhar Peak. The Nakki Lake is the centre for most activities in Abu, and  there is pleasurable boating on the lake, as there are motorboats and rowboats as well, some of them shaped like swans. Apt for  a holiday amongst your family, children and the crowds, the area is closely interspersed with forests, lakes and a rocky terrain. If  you go for paddle boating at sunrise and sunset with a sound oarsman, who after the mandatory rounds and view of Toad’s rock, can  then point out to you different birds by the shoreline. The Sunset Point has fabulous panoramic views, and also has an amusement park for children, a perfect family outing! You could visit other temples such as Vimal Vasahi Temple, Luna Vasahi Temple, the Pittahara Temple, the Chaumukha Temple and the Mahavira Temple. Mount Abu also has a wildlife sanctuary lined with champas, jasmine, mango and khajur trees that  give the animals shade and cover and are weighed down with blooms and fruit. It is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with many species of birds. The leopard, chinkara, sloth bear, wild boar and hundreds of langurs are also seen here. The Achalgarh Fort , comprises of  ruins  which preside over two temples, the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple which lays claim to a toe impression of Lord Shiva, and the Kantinath Jain temple, which emulate Delwara in the quantity of marble and sculpting.

Take a short break at Udaipur, located in Southern Rajasthan, hugging Lake Pichola is atmospherically picturesque, as the town boasts of lakes, lake palaces, mansions and gardens. The old city spreads in a maze of lanes, called the backyard , since it sits to the back of the City Palace, and is the centre of imagination of Udaipur as palaces and hills embrace its contours, havelis, houses and hotels, finding sustenance in its waters. You can spend some time in the City Palace, by the lakeside, laze in a rooftop restaurant and watch palaces afloat on the lake, wander in the lanes and alleys and  look at caparisoned elephants painted on houses. The City Palace is a huge conglomeration of palaces and the whole structure has maintained a graceful uniformity and  is full of paintings of the Krishna deities of Mewa, and has the series of mahals and chowks displayed prominently as directions marked when you proceed to a world of luxury and indulgence within the entire complex. A Sound and Light Show is absolutely astounding!

The Crystal Gallery is really an extravagant and profligate display of wealth, possessing even crystal chairs, beds, sofas, glasses, dinner sets and also a bejewelled carpet.  A launch ride on the Lake Pichola  would take you to the Jagmandir Palace Island, , where you get a crisp view of the valley  and the surrounding hills making the boat trip more than worthwhile. After that splendid view and a unique experience on Lake Pichola, leave for Ajmer on the Beautiful Hilly Vacation Package!


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