Essential Tips for Your Holiday

There is nothing better than a holiday when it comes to recharging your batteries. Holidays give us a much needed break from our daily grind, relieve our stress and introduce us to a whole new world of experiences. But holidays can also be stressful, especially the planning bit. So, here are some of our tips to ease those holiday blues:

Start researching: Whether you hire an Indian travel agency or do it yourself, some research beforehand is important. Check out the offers from different agencies. Check the details to find out the services included. If you are doing it yourself, you should start with researching every aspect of the holiday. At the very least, find out the places you must visit, the food and weather conditions of the destination. This is important if you have any dietary restrictions. Weather conditions will determine the kind of clothes you need to pack.

Try off-season: There are multiple reasons why this is a good idea. Off-season prices are always pretty low. You are likely to get good deals on hotels, airlines and other interesting places to visit. Even expenses like eating out are lower at this time. Plus, off-season means that you escape tourist rush and can enjoy a slow and leisurely holiday.

Make copies: Make copies all essentials — tickets, passport, itinerary and reservations. Mail these copies to yourself so that you have ready access even if you lose yours somewhere. This can be invaluable in a foreign country where such papers are critical. Also, mail a copy of your itinerary with details on hotels to a friend or family. This way someone has definite means of reaching you in case of emergencies.

Look for deals: Start looking for deals online. Indian travel agencies will offer different price slabs, making your job easy and convenient. Alternatively, you should art looking for deals on hotels and airlines. Monitor the prices regularly. You can also check price comparison websites to find the best prices in a city. Booking well in advance improves your chances of getting a good deal.

Expect the unexpected: No matter how foolproof your plans are, something is bound to go wrong. The museum you wanted to visit may suddenly shut down. You may find yourself suddenly off your pre-charted path. The weather may turn gloomy and bad. So, always expect the unexpected. After all, what’s a holiday without an adventure!

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