Guilin Yu Hill Park & Guilin Tourist Attractions

Guilin Yu Hill Park

The Yu Hill Park is the cradle of the city’s history.  Legend has it that one of the ancestors of Chinese nationality, Shun or Yu visited here and the Qin people set up a temple to memorize him. …..thus has a strong influence of Confucianism.A solid fantasy…..the Yuzi Paradise is the largest sculpture park in China.  One hundred and fourteen artists from no less than forty-seven different countries have contributed to this magnificent symphony of nature and humanity…..making it  a harmonious blend of life and art.  Visitors are given the opportunity to make clay wares under instruction.  Also you can enjoy the delights of the art salon, cafe, barbeque and buffet.In addition to the above-mentioned parks, Nanxi Park in the south of the city and Chuanshan Park in the southern suburbs….. each has their own beauty and attractions. The Guilin Ocean World is on the south of Nanxi Park. Here can be seen many aquaria containing some thousand or so divided varieties of fish. The centre has an observation area, performance area, tropical forest and waterfall area, a touching area, underwater tunnel, sea area and so on. Marine treasures like giant hundreds-year old salamander, lungfish, clownfish, sea flowers, nautilus, living coral and sharks from around the world can all be seen here.

The Bear and Tiger Park is the largest wild animal centre.  Four breeds of tigers facing extinction can be seen here….  over three hundred tigers, four hundred bears and a hundred lions will give you a fresh idea of the survival needs of such wild animals.  Also there are animal performances to   excite and charm both kids and adults.

Another grand site…..the Guihu Lake Scenic Area has a large number of precious arbors and flowers  planted along the lake, such as banyan tree garden, gingko garden, white pines garden, redwood garden, magnolia garden and palm garden.  It is also a world of bridges such as Xiqing Bridge, Baoxian Bridge, Lize Bridge, Yingbin Bridge and Guanyin Bridge where visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape and find them a good setting to take photos.  It is not exaggerating to call it an Expo combining famous gardens, flowers, trees and bridges……all compact into  one stupendous zone.  Walk in it, and you will feel fresh and comfortable as if attaining the perfection of the synchronisation between man and nature. The Ronghu-Shanhu Lake Scenic Area  is where the rich and the famous all built their houses on the lakeside one after another………dwell in the opulent and luxurious view……perhaps some day your dream might also come true. Many poets and intellectuals have written a lot of poems and literary pieces to describe the charming beauty of the lake.

Top-selling products are Guilin sanhua alcohol, fermented bean curd and chilli sauce, besides tea, sugar and wine made of osmanthus. Gingko is believed to improve blood circulation and snacks and drinks made of it are a healthy buy. The bright, solid Guilin stones have unique forms, and sell as curios.  Embroidered balls from Guilin are a speciality …… in ancient times, a Chinese maiden would throw her embroidered balls at her Prince Charming…… whoever caught the ball, would marry her!  Handcrafted items such as plates, pails and wall decorations, are popular, as are  marble and jade curios, bamboo and wood-carvings, and paper umbrellas.  Delicately-designed earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets and broaches made of gold, silver, pearls and jade tempt tourists, besides an endless variety of curios, paintings and hand-painted screens.  The traditional Chinese paintings depicting mountains and water are also popular with tourists.  The Huang Changdian brush pen is available in over seventy sizes, made of wool, wolf and rabbit hair.

Guilin has Chinese, Indonesian, German, Italian, other Western food and Indian cuisine, with several traditional favourites, innumerable non-vegetarian preparations, rice and noodles apart. There are discotheques, karaoke, modern nightclubs and romantic cruises down the Li.  Ling Nan in Guilin’s centre is influenced by several types of Chinese cuisine.  Local snacks such as mifen….. Guilin rice noodles, banli zong…….. chestnut rice dumplings, nun noodles, and stewed duck cooked with gingko or ginger are highly popular.  Lipu taro pork, Lo Han boiled chicken, fried chicken with chestnut, steamed pork or stewed duck wrapped in a lotus leaf are delicious and favourite dishes. Sour fried, dried fish and fried pork are other hot favourites.  Rice noodles are the most popular of all snacks for which Youyi Xuan, Qin Ji, Rong Gui, Liu Bo Niang, Shi Ji, Shengli and Weixiang Guan are popular eateries.  Nun noodles, said to have been introduced by a nun, are also widely popular.  Many dishes are made with glutinous rice while zhutongfan or bamboo-cooked rice and youcha or oil tree are two ancient delicacies.  Hao Da Ma Cate Square offers a buffet and numerous snacks.  For those desiring to have Western food, Guilin Ren Western Restaurant and Weixiao serve good cuisine, besides Sharon Coffee which serves German and Western cuisine including soups, salads, baguette, burgers, steaks, pizzas and schnitzels.  Binjiang Road, Jiefang West Street, Meishi Cheng, Zhishan Road and Putuo Road are the places where most of the restaurants are located.  Some of the other popular foods are Guilin chufas, Luohan Kuo, Shaddock or fruit, Cumquat or citrus-like fruit, Lipu taro, chestnut, persimmon and green tea, all worth trying.

Guilin experiences a humid sub-tropical climate.March to mid-April is spring-time and can bring light rain, but Guilin’s nature and beauty are blooming. End April to mid-August is the summer, with very heavy rain from May to June. End August to end- October is autumn, which is the best season for touring this city!  November to February is winter-time when it is cold, though snowfall is rare………….yet……… it is enchanting  and abundantly mystical…….to get you here in all seasons!!!!!

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