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Fragrant incense stored for export near Aberdeen Harbour drifted with the sea breeze, giving Hong Kong its’ name, which means ‘fragrant harbour’ in Cantonese. confined by the South China Sea and the lustrous River delta, stunningly delightful Hong Kong Holiday Tours has a deep natural harbour, and rates high on the index of quality of life. Its’ amazing natural beauty comprising bays, beaches, rivers, mountains, and nature reserves is complemented by tall skyscrapers amidst an amazing skyline that sparkle at night. Sampans are still used for sailing in Hong Kong, and you can try out one to go to a nearby fishing village. You can relax or spoil in some water sports at one of Hong Kong’s  most popular beaches, exceptionally called Repulse Bay! Victoria Peak offers scenic views of the city-state of  Hong Kong City Tours. A peak tram takes visitors quickly to the Peak, amongst invigorating scenic views. A barge service, on the other hand, takes you across the Victoria Harbor, engrossing you as water, land, mountains, and the blue sky spin their magic, and you see Hong Kong in its entirety. One of the most famous is the Star Ferry service, made iconic by the filming of Hollywood’s The World of Suzie WongHong Kong Travel Packages is known for its’ junks that traverse in the sea, besides small Kai-to ferries that connect remote coastal areas to the mainland. There is an complete village that rests on stilts!

Hong Kong Tours Packages

In contradict, you will find elite hotels, trendy shopping malls, haute cuisine, fine dining and must try the moving pavements and escalators in the central and western parts of the city, which includes the world’s longest outdoor-covered incline system! The Global Geopark of China, with volcanic and sedimentary rocks and strange landforms, is a curiosity, and is listed by UNESCO in its Global Geoparks Network. The Po Lin priory, Ngong Ping piazza and its’ giant-sized statue of a bronze Buddha are other tourist attractions. The presence of a large assemblage of Buddhists and Taoists, besides many Americans, Canadians, Asians, and Europeans, has led to a abundance of ethnic architecture, as well as ornate Buddhist, Chinese and Indian temples, mosques and churches, well worth a visit.

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