5 Ways You Can Save Money by Trusting Travel Agencies

You should make sure that you know just how you can save money when using a travel agency in India. You need to let them know the dates, and if they are flexible, that you want to go and the budget that you have set. Let them know this and see what they come up with a plan and how much they can save you. Here are just a few ways that you can save yourself money for your trip when letting someone else plan it for you. Continue reading “5 Ways You Can Save Money by Trusting Travel Agencies” »

3 Reasons Why Indian Travel Agencies Are Helpful

Travel agencies play an important role in streamlining an entire tour of a family.  A vacation becomes very if you hire a travel and tour agency. You don’t have to spend much energy trying to explore the new areas of an unknown place. They can guide you and suggest you through your entire journey. Though the importance of Indian travel agency has declined since the invention of the internet as people can get to know about everything over the internet, still travel agencies are the best to be taken help from.

There are many reasons why people still use travel agencies in the era of the internet. Following are some of the reasons:

  • They provide you with expert advice

Indian travel agency would help you to book the best and affordable hotels, flight and also would suggest you with the best places to hang out, eat and sightseeing. The Internet doesn’t always help; it may at many times provide you wrong information. Thus it is wise to take the help of a local agency who is well acquainted with the place.

  • Travel agencies are not that expensive

To survive in the competitive market, travel agencies have cut down their rates so as to attract as many clients as possible. Travel agencies in any way are not able to make huge profits as they only get a small amount of commission from the hotels and flights which they recommend to their clients. Some travel agencies even do not charge an extra additional fee.

  • Complex trips made easy

Indian travel agency can make complex trips a lot easier. If you do not have much time to research about the places you are intending to visit, leave it entirely upon them. They can streamline your entire journey. After this, book the hotels and flights which are suggested by them. This would not make your task easier but also save a lot of time.

Travel agencies are important but somewhere or the other it is losing its importance because of the immense use of the internet. People are clearing all their queries by checking the reviews which are posted on the internet by the people who have already visited that place. But whatever you get over the internet might be right, but ‘quality’ information can only be achieved by the travel agencies. Internet would never let you know about the minute details of a local area.

Awesome Indian Honeymoon Locations

The honeymoon is not just a simple vacation but also spending some quality time with your partners for the newlywed couples. India is known for its diverse culture and heritage and also for its most popular honeymoon locations all over the world. If you are in the search of perfect honeymoon destination, below are some of the Indian locations where you can spend your time with your loved one. You can avail many honeymoon tour packages in India.


Goa is situated at the shores of the great Arabian Sea and is considered to be one of the most sought-after places for vacation. It is the smallest state of India and has many exotic beaches. It has extremely attractive travel locations for romantic couples. Goa is also rich in flora and fauna and thus makes it a perfect honeymoon destination.

Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a group of islands which is located at the East Coast of India in the Bay of Bengal. It is popular for its mesmerizing beauty and the sparkling blue waters. Most of the honeymoon packages in India offer Andaman and Nicobar Islands as the perfect honeymoon destination. One can find an innumerable number of secluded places and serene beaches.


Alleppey is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of India. Most of the couples stay at a houseboat and enjoying the backwaters of Kerala and this one of most romantic experiences for the couples. The couples can in this way enjoy the nature to its fullest.


Agra is also included in the honeymoon packages of India. Taj Mahal is known to be the monument of love. Agra is also considered as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of India. Agra is known for its historic importance. The agents of the honeymoon packages in India will let you about the various resorts and luxurious hotels.


Udaipur is also known as the City of Lakes. It is one of the most visited places of India for honeymooning. Udaipur consists of several lakes and forts which adds grandeur to the romantic atmosphere of the city.

The above-mentioned places are perfect for a honeymoon as well as for spending your vacation with friends and family. The places are vivid in culture and heritage and help to know the international tourists about the diversity of India. These places are considered to be the best places for a perfect romantic gateway because of its mesmerizing and enchanting nature.

Essential Tips for Your Holiday

There is nothing better than a holiday when it comes to recharging your batteries. Holidays give us a much needed break from our daily grind, relieve our stress and introduce us to a whole new world of experiences. But holidays can also be stressful, especially the planning bit. So, here are some of our tips to ease those holiday blues:

Start researching: Whether you hire an Indian travel agency or do it yourself, some research beforehand is important. Check out the offers from different agencies. Check the details to find out the services included. If you are doing it yourself, you should start with researching every aspect of the holiday. At the very least, find out the places you must visit, the food and weather conditions of the destination. This is important if you have any dietary restrictions. Weather conditions will determine the kind of clothes you need to pack.

Try off-season: There are multiple reasons why this is a good idea. Off-season prices are always pretty low. You are likely to get good deals on hotels, airlines and other interesting places to visit. Even expenses like eating out are lower at this time. Plus, off-season means that you escape tourist rush and can enjoy a slow and leisurely holiday.

Make copies: Make copies all essentials — tickets, passport, itinerary and reservations. Mail these copies to yourself so that you have ready access even if you lose yours somewhere. This can be invaluable in a foreign country where such papers are critical. Also, mail a copy of your itinerary with details on hotels to a friend or family. This way someone has definite means of reaching you in case of emergencies.

Look for deals: Start looking for deals online. Indian travel agencies will offer different price slabs, making your job easy and convenient. Alternatively, you should art looking for deals on hotels and airlines. Monitor the prices regularly. You can also check price comparison websites to find the best prices in a city. Booking well in advance improves your chances of getting a good deal.

Expect the unexpected: No matter how foolproof your plans are, something is bound to go wrong. The museum you wanted to visit may suddenly shut down. You may find yourself suddenly off your pre-charted path. The weather may turn gloomy and bad. So, always expect the unexpected. After all, what’s a holiday without an adventure!

Best Indian Travel Packages That Are Truly Popular

India is a land of rich culture, ancient history, and heritage along with its serene sceneries and scrumptious cruises. From the snow-covered Himalayas to the Indian Ocean, from the historic monuments to the wildlife sanctuary, India is sure to give a breath-taking experience which shall be cherished lifetime. There are lot many India Travel Packages available which will fit the budget.

What are the topmost tourist travel packages?

Travel to the beautiful locations comes with the variety of travel packages. Although there are plenty of tour packages available around India, the best India Travel Packages that are truly popular are listed as below:

Golden Triangle Tour Package includes from Delhi and the route to Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, and Jaipur. All the local places of Delhi like Jama Masjid, Agra Fort, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Rajghat are worth a visit. Continuing to Jaipur, also known as the Pink and Agra visit along with Fatehpur Sikiriis mesmerizing. The famous Taj Mahal is worth the beauty to be praised.

Rajasthan Tour Package is another package with the land of the royals, Its historic beauty, the hawelis are sure to be witnessed once in life. The tour covers the places as Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Ranthambore, Ajmer, Puskar and the only hill station Mount Abu.

South India Tour Package is a beauty, with Kerala also was known as Gods own country adds an extra charm to the tour package. Witnessing the beautiful waterfalls of Cochin, with the mesmerizing view of Munnar, enjoying the House Boat and backwater at Alleppey is all that one longs to get relaxed. The sunrise at Kanyakumari is a bliss to the eyes.

Himachal tour Package which is a blend of snow covered mountains, the calming weather and the refreshing greenery with river rafting in Kullu and Manali makes the perfect tourist destination.
A short but most popular and economical tour package.

Jammu Kashmir Tour Package, also popularly known as the “Heaven on Earth” is right here in Jammu and Kashmir. The snowcapped mountains, the valleys covered with snow, the cold weather itself adds a beauty beyond words. Dal Lake, a ride on shikaras, Onamarg, Gulmarg and Pahalgam are few of the places to be visited.


India is a beauty of its own. From the list of the India Travel Packages, get relaxed and rejuvenate by choosing from the best various tourist locations in India. India is a colourful country and whichever package you choose, it will just make you overwhelmed and thrilled.

4 Ways to Book Affordable India Travel Packages1

One of the difficult tasks to book a travel package is to select from the chunk of offers available at the site. Travel tour companies offer multiple packages for honeymoon, family and business trip. Travel packages consists of wildlife tour, fort, city explore, religious places, etc. So when you select a package, you need to be clear about your requirements. For instance, when you select India travel packages from a reputed travel company, you need to select as per the locations. For luxury travel packages to cheap vacation packages, there are different options to select. This article presents you with 4 tips on selecting the affordable Indian travel packages in a right way that will save your money and time.

  1. To be Flexible in terms of Package

As mentioned above, there are different travel packages available, each carry its own merits and demerits. You can select the package as per the activities you will be taking up. For instance, if visiting Kerala, you can indulge in houseboat travel or Ayurveda massage. So when booking a package, customize it as per your flexibility. This will certainly help in saving money.

  1. Do Plan and Book in Advance

Indian travel packages price may differ as per the seasons. Different locations in India witness footfall as per the season. North states witness good footfalls during winter season; similarly south states get good footfalls during monsoon or throughout the year. So book your travel plans in advance where you can get discounts and low price on accommodation and travel. Well-known travel companies offer discounts and other offers while booking in advance.

  1. Compare Price of Travel Packages

Different travel tour companies have different packages and its price. So do compare the prices according to your requirement and location. Comparing with different sites and their travel packages help in saving money and getting the best package that suits your need. Comparing is the best way to get the best service.

  1. Be Flexible on Amenities

Some Indian travel packages include transfer service, admission passes and meals. So you need to be flexible in terms of amenities you need in your package. However, including all important services is the best way to getting the travel burden off from your shoulder and letting it into the hands of tour operators.


Being clear and smart is the best way to save money and time while booking India travel packages from reputed travel company. The ultimate aim is to make your trip memorable and affordable.

Malaysia Trip for Amazing Holiday Experience

Selected Standard Attractions to Visit on Malaysia Genting Trip
Penang mentioned as “Pearl of the Orient” is one of the required subsequently travel place in Malaysia that is able with lots of attractive fascinations like the sandy beaches, interesting flora and fauna, varied philosophy and on top regal manner. Come and enjoy trips in the lovely Island of Penang and star remarkable and delightful knowledge to enjoyment in forever.

Kualalumpur Genting Highlands Penang
Langkawi is also the famous key travel attraction of Malaysia and its beautiful beaches and islands are selected of the supreme in South East Asia. Its attractive greenery, wonderful ambiance and the amazing charm of the charming attractions really make Langkawi the faultless place for beach trips. Come and familiarity the attractive loveliness of Langkawi loving beach holiday as well as liking fun-filled water sporting and events.

Malaysia Truly Asia!
Sarawak is one of the limited seats in Malaysia whose mysterious charm and impressiveness have left every person spell sure. It is the impeccable place where you will find the mixture of the wildlife at its best with wonderful charms like Mulu National Park, Niah National Park, Highpoints, Semenggoh Reintegration Centre, Skrang, Lemanak, Sarawak Social Village, Kuching Beachfront, etc. All these are the greatest popular travel attraction of Sarawak that electromagnets large number of travelers from across the world.

Kuala Lumpur With Genting Highland

Well separately from these there are several other sightseeing attractions and place which are value to visit and discover with Malaysia holiday tour packages. So in its place of successful here and there or wasting your time for looking for perfect vacation place in South East Asia, visit to Malaysia and treasure incredible experience to enjoyment in forever.

Kuala Lumpur Genting Highland Famous Tourist Place Malaysia

Viewing for a beautiful romantic escape or a perfect Destination to go for your romantic honeymoon, Beautiful romantic honeymoon vacation in Malaysia is a unlimited choice. Going out on Vacation with your lover is continuously great for the relationship. This is why you requirement to type this vacation a unlimited time or the luxury to spend a holiday outside of the country.
Romantic Beach Honeymoon
If a silent romantic beach honeymoon is what you are afterward, then there are sufficiently of those in Beautiful Malaysia. For example, Pangkor Island is a distracted place for a beach vacation with your lover. Other than the wonderful natural background, you also get to understand old sites and experience the incomparable beauty of the beach in this adjacent of the world. you can also love other events that beautiful Malaysian beaches are known for. Stay occupied and interested by forest rambling and wind surfing among others. If you and your honeymoon lover are the original type.
You can also set a romantic candlelight dinner as part of the romantic  honeymoon collection. Your honeymoon lover will surely love the dreamy motion as you lower and relax with each other’s corporation.

malaysia beautiful romantic honeymoon beach
Amazing Nature Adventure
Vacation tours in Malaysia are recognized for, it is the wonderful natural loveliness of the highlands, jungles, and beaches. In other words, it is the picture-perfect place to get back to nature and familiarity the ease of life. Cameron Highlands is one of the beautiful charms for travelers who love physical events such as hiking and forest trekking. If you do not like physical events, you can only enjoy a lowlight dinner or p.m. tea in the area.
You and your honeymoon partner one should also attempt the Mandrayu touch, which includes an hour of Jacuzzi session in exposed air. Nothing hits peaceful in a Jacuzzi with your lover while seeing the beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur With Genting Highland Famous Holiday Tourist Place In Malaysia. You may need to see the Butterfly farm as well as the tea farms which are unlimited views for your eyes to feast on. More notably, you will rise the new air and the unassuming but wonderful scenery.

malaysia Holiday Tourist Place

Kerala Romantic Honeymoon Remarkable Place

Kerala top most Indian honeymoon tourist place, generally mentioned to as “God’s Own Country in the world,” is a land really holy by nature’s abundance. Whether it is unspoiled beaches, backwater, nature, scenic lagoons or verdant hills, Kerala has each sort of scenic attractiveness one can deliberate about. Kerala, correctly known as the Heaven, is holy with an incalculable rich treasure of excellent natural attractiveness. Some of most lovely hill stations are current in Kerala honeymoon tour. Much of Kerala’s infrequent appeal is focused in the moorland area of the Western Ghats. Kerala famous Hill Stations abound in immortal grasslands and gives of tea gardens.

Kerala Honeymoon

Kerala is an perfect place for newly married honeymooners. Just after the marriage, it’s the time to go on a romantic honeymoon trip; one should choose a perfect honeymoon place where one can share some excellence time together. Kerala is a world of peacefulness and amazement. Kerala is a world famous honeymoon place where one can apply their romantic honeymoon in a characteristic style. The place of Kerala romantic honeymoon trips will generate both love and happiness to make your tour really unforgettable moves slower. Kerala romantic Honeymoon in fact is the trip of a lifetime in which one really comes close to one’s loved one. It is where the trip of life activates

Kerala Honeymoon

The backwaters of Kerala current an brilliant romantic honeymoon choice. Till date backwaters are imaginatively used as a means to transportation men and factual. The whole knowledge of the green and peaceful backwaters of Kerala is incomparable and unbelievable. Houseboat stay on Kerala backwaters basically mesmerizes newly married honeymooners and newly couples. Couples board on Kerala backwater trips and treasure whole life knowledge of romantic honeymoon to Kerala. The lively and forceful village life cannot be left in a improved way on a easy sail in the houseboat. It is the backwater cruises that really complete the journey to southern India. It takes a person through the zigzagging watercourses revealing the imaginative culture and civilizations of the village life.

A Memorable Holiday Destination for Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the greatest attractive holiday destinations in South East Asia. It is bursting with out thrilling sightseeing charms, tourism spots, gorgeous nation and civilizations and additional of all pleasant combination of modernism and old fascination. Malaysia enhancements its various sightseeing charms that provide the requirements of all the travelers who come from across the world for trips. So arrange for holidays in Malaysia also identified as Truly Asia and explore the loveliness of the numerous sightseeing charm of the country in an enjoyable and impressive way.

Holiday destinations for Malaysia

Malaysia has diverse attractions and caters the need of every single traveler to deal them outstanding trip experience. Malaysia is a complete enchanted and tourists who like to experience the pure innovation of the country visit to the mulch-ethnic city of Kuala Lumpur, which enhancements of recent architectural miracle nearly seen fluttering with the sky, shopping malls, tradition attractions and numerous other entertaining opportunities. Several of the primary fascinations of KL are Petronas Twin Towers, National Mosque, Art Gallery, Batu Caves and much more.

Genting Highland set roughly 50 kms far from KL the capital city of Malaysia, Genting Highland is one such tourist’s spot wherever tourists will get pleasure from unforgettable and fun-filled holiday with enormous desire and enjoyment. Genting is the perfect destination where traveler can appreciate instants of complete pleasure and knowledge the beauty of the Genting highland which is affectionately called Las Vegas of Malaysia.

Beside these there are measure several different tremendous Malaysia travel destinations that tourists will get pleasure from and explore throughout the tour. Beaches of Malaysia are amazingly attractive and are the perfect hot spot which travelers will affection to stay and travel. The attractiveness and tranquility of the thousands of beaches of Malaysia is very hard to define with words and then it’s best fully fledged enjoying vacation and tours with Malaysia holiday places Langkawi Island, Redang Island, Tioman Island, Turtle Beach, Golden Beach, Pantai Teluk Belanga, etc are some of the maximum best beaches and Islands in Malaysia which are visited by unlimited number of tourists all the year around on tour to Malaysia from India.