World Famous Tourist City Singapore Travel Packages

You must drive through the colonial heart of Singapore Tours to see its impressive landmarks, including the Padang Cricket Club, Parliament House, Supreme Court and its City Hall. There are many temples; one of the oldest and most ornate, the Hock Keng Temple, dedicated to the Sea Goddess, is very popular with locals and foreigners.Sailing, swimming, water-skiing, kayaking, go-karting provide fun even for children, while rock-climbing, skateboarding, mountain biking and, swimming with the sharks at Sentosa’s Underwater World are for the adventurous adults. You can revel in the silence in Singapore’s densely forested central part, where the only sound you can hear is that of monkeys as they swing from tree to tree.


A trip to Mt Faber is very rewarding as you traverse thick forests to finally get a panoramic view of the island. Adjoining the Singapore Zoo are safe, open enclosures from where you may spot a leopard or two! There is a spate of popular boutique and garden spas that employ Oriental and Ayurvedic techniques, and a unique fish spa helps tired people to relax.Singapore enjoys tropical rainforest climate with abundant rainfall; April and May are hot, while the city is at its wettest during November-January, but worth a visit at any time of the year.With so much to do, you may wonder whether you should spend your time absorbing the tranquillity of Singapore Trip, get engrossed in some outdoor activity, or whether you should drink and dance the night away!

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