Newcastle Holiday Package

Spanned by iconic bridges, the mighty River Tyne is the spectacular backdrop of this former industrial powerhouse turned Northeast England’s cultural hub…… Vast factories and warehouses have been transformed into galleries, museums and nightlife venues, as have many of Newcastle’s grand Victorian buildings……. Allow at least a few days to explore this regenerated city, including it’s most unmissable experiences……. Newcastle is situated in the North East of England, in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear and the historical and traditional county of Northumberland……. The ground beneath the city is formed from a suite of sandstones, mudstones and coal seams which generally dip moderately eastwards……..astounding, isn’t ir…… To the west of the city are the Upper Pennine Coal Measures and further west again the sandstones and mudstones of the Stainmore Formation, the local equivalent of the Millstone Grit……..hence, don’t stop yourselves from boarding on to the………Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!

Tourist Attractions:

Against its dramatic backdrop of Victorian elegance and industrial nerve…. this fiercely independent city harbours a spirited mix of heritage and urban sophistication, with excellent new art galleries and a magnificent concert hall, along with boutique hotels, some exceptional restaurants and, of course, interesting bars….. Newcastle is renowned throughout Britain for its thumping nightlife, bolstered by an energetic student population…….enough to send a striking invitation to all age groups!!!!!!

The city retains deep-rooted traditions, embodied by the no-nonsense, likeable locals…… Raised and subsequently abandoned by coal and steel, Geordies, as the locals are called….. could be due to the myth that miners’ used safety lamps designed by George Stephenson…. no one knows for sure….. are united through history, adversity and that impenetrable dialect, the closest language to fifteen hundred-years-old Anglo-Saxon left in England…….Spend some time to explore the Victorian city centre and quayside areas along the Tyne and across the river in Gateshead, as well as the rejuvenated Ouseburn Valley to the east, shabby-chic Jesmond to the north, and, on the coast, the surf beaches of Tynemouth……….on your……….Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!

You could walk along in Newcastle, as it still retains a medieval street layout……. Narrow alleys or ‘chares’, most of which can only be traversed by foot, still exist in abundance, particularly around the riverside…… Stairs from the riverside to higher parts of the city centre and the extant Castle Keep, originally recorded in the fourteenth- century, remain intact in places…….Sandhill and Quayside contain modern buildings as well as structures dating from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, including Bessie Surtees House, the Cooperage and Lloyds Quayside Bars, Derwentwater House and “House of Tides”, a restaurant situated at a sixteenth- century merchant’s house….The city has an extensive neoclassical centre referred to as Tyneside Classical The Tyne Gorge, between Newcastle on the north bank and Gateshead…..a separate town and borough…..on the south bank, famous for a series of dramatic bridges, including the Tyne Bridge!!!!!

You must stroll around the historic heart of Newcastle….. the Grainger Town area…. as some of Newcastle upon Tyne’s finest buildings and streets lie within this area of the city centre including Grainger Market, Theatre Royal, Grey Street, Grainger Street and Clayton Street…… These buildings are predominately four stories high, with vertical dormers, domes, turrets and spikes……The builder, Richard Grainger was said to ‘have found Newcastle of bricks and timber and left it in stone’….the Grey’s Monument, which commemorates Prime Minister Earl Grey and his Reform Act, stands above the Monument Metro Station

Another must-see is the Newcastle Castle…..Fresh from completed restoration project, this Castle is the stronghold that put both the ‘new’ and ‘castle’ into Newcastle…… Originally the site of a Roman fortress, where William the Conqueror’s eldest son built a wooden motte and bailey here…… Henry II added the stone castle around the twelfth-century, and the newly reopened Black Gate was built in the thirteenth-century by King Henry III……. Inside it has exhibits charting the castle’s inhabitants, including prisoners throughout those centuries, and the three hundred and sixty -degree city views from the rooftop are the best in town…….Gulp this site………on the……….Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!

Go towards the Victoria Tunnel…..and behold……One of Newcastle’s most atmospheric experiences lies underground…… This long Victoria Tunnel was carved out as a coal wagon thoroughfare and used as an air raid shelter during WWII…… The tunnel entrance is in Newcastle’s nineteenth-century industrial heartland, Ouseburn Valley, which now has an increasing number of potteries, glass-blowing studios and other creative workspaces, along with pubs, bars and entertainment venues, to keep you enchanted all the time!!!!!

Some of the exceptional Museums, which you must visit are as follows…..Learn about the city’s origins, starting from Pons Aelius or Roman Newcastle, its inhabitants, known as ‘Geordies’ and its industrial and maritime heritage at the fascinating Discovery Museum…. Inside the former Co-operative Wholesale Society building, chronological exhibits fan out around the thirty metre-long Turbinia, the fastest ship in the world and the first to be powered by steam turbine…… the Newcastle on Tyne Museum of Antiquities merged with the Great North Museum or Hancock Museum….. Works by Gainsborough, Gauguin and other masters are displayed at the free Laing Art Gallery…….. Top family favourites include dinosaurs, mummies and more at the Great North Museum…… interactive discoveries at the Life Science Centre…… The Biscuit Factory which is a commercial gallery…… The Newburn Hall Motor Museum…… and….. Manuscripts and artwork along with a changing program of kid-oriented exhibitions, activities and events at the wonderful Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books………on this…….Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!

An interesting area is the Gateshead Quay……South of the river, across the Millennium Bridge, alias the Blinking Bridge, which opens like an eyelid to let ships pass, is the ‘town’ or really, the neighbourhood of Gateshead……. A huge mustard-coloured grain store here now contains BALTIC, Centre for Contemporary Art, which mounts blockbuster work and installations by big-name contemporary artists…… The fourth-floor outdoor platform and fifth-floor viewing box offer fabulous panoramas……. From here you can see the Norman Foster-designed chrome-and-glass horizontal bottle housing Sage Gateshead, where performers include the resident Northern Sinfonia orchestra…… Behind the concert hall you’ll see the Tyne Bridge, and it’s resemblance to Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge is no coincidence….. both were built around the same time by Dorman Long.

The vibrant hub of Newcastle-upon-Tyne has plenty of attractions to fill your entire itinerary…. but it’s also the gateway to wild, remote hills, lakes, coastal fishing villages, weathered castles, Roman ruins and a wealth of cultural treasures……..this compact region’s incredible diversity is easily accessible by car on day trips from the city…… Hit the road and start exploring.

The most stunning piece of archaeological remains await your presence……Built between AD 122 and 128 to separate Romans and Scottish Picts, this enormous wall cuts across the landscape, punctuated by fortress ruins……. Although it didn’t serve as a defensive barrier, it marked the northern limit of Roman Britain and was the Empire’s most heavily fortified line…… Named for the emperor who ordered it built, Hadrian’s Wall was one of Rome’s greatest engineering projects, a spectacular seventy-three-mile, up to six metres high testament to the Roman ambition……. for every Roman mile there was a gateway guarded by a small fort or a milecastle and between each milecastle were two observation turrets…… Most of Hadrian’s Wall lies further afield of Newcastle, but its last strong post, the fort of Segedunum at the ‘wall’s end’, now the Newcastle suburb of Wallsend is just a short hop by car or metro from the city centre…… After climbing its thirty-five metre-high tower, you can explore a reconstructed Roman bathhouse with steaming pools and frescoes, and a museum delving into day to day Roman life……. Start at the fort of Segedunum at the ‘wall’s end’ and work your way west across the narrow neck of the island to its end point, Bowness-on-Solway, or just target a short section……. Highlights include the remains of the Roman garrison town of Corstopitum at Corbridge Roman Site and Museum, and four gatehouses, a bathhouse and an underfloor heating system at the remains of the cavalry fort identified as Chesters Roman Fort and Museum……. A cache of sites surround the village of Haltwhistle, including extensive excavations at Vindolanda Roman Fort and Museum, the kid-friendly Roman Army Museum, and the best-preserved Roman fort in the country, Housesteads Roman Fort and Museum………Outstanding legacy remnants……..on this……..Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!!

It would be exciting for you to continue to the Newcastle’s number-one photo snapshot….. the Angel of the North, looms over the A1 or (M) motorway……. Weighing in at a hefty two hundred tonnes, the rust-coloured, outstretched-winged human frame sculpture, designed by Sir Antony Gormley, is a whopping twenty metre high and has a wingspan wider than a Boeing 767…….. Buses run here from the city centre, or you can pull up at the free car park.

Surf’s up! An easy drive or metro ride from central Newcastle, the mouth of the Tyne is one of the best surf spots in England, with great all-year breaks off the immense, crescent-shaped Blue Flag beach, which occasionally hosts the National Surfing Championships……. Tynemouth Surf Company rents boards and all-important wetsuits besides giving lessons……. If you’d prefer to stay dry, then spare some time for exploring the ruins of Tynemouth Priory, on a bluff above the river mouth, or hang out at hip pubs and restaurants along Front Street….. such as Barca Art Cafe………on your……Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!


Look forward to emptying your wallets and purses on a shopping spree……The main shopping street in the city is Northumberland Street, which has been ranked as the most expensive shopping street in the….. It is home to two major department stores including the first and largest Fenwick department store, which houses some of the most luxurious designer labels, and one of the largest Marks and Spencer stores outside London……. Both stores have entrances into the Eldon Square Shopping Centre.

Other shopping destinations include Grainger Street and the area around Grey’s Monument, the Newgate Centre, Central Arcade and the traditional Grainger Market……. Outside the city centre, the largest suburban shopping areas are Gosforth and Byker……. Grainger Market… Newcastle’s gorgeous, heritage-listed covered market which has over a hundred stalls selling everything from fish, farm produce, meat and vegetables to clothes, accessories and homewares… the Newcastle Quayside Market……has stalls displaying jewellery, photographic prints, art, clothing, homewares and more set up along the quays around the Tyne Bridge every Sunday……. Buskers and food stalls add to the street-party atmosphere….. Robson and Sons on Northumberland Coast… where four generations have operated this traditional fish smokers……. It’s best known for its kippers, but also smoked salmon and other fish.


This city offers Fantastic Dining……Foodies will fall hard for Newcastle’s culinary scene…….. Gems include the hole-in-the wall Cafe Quay Ingredient, especially brilliant for breakfasts like Craster kippers with pickled beetroot……. British Gastro Pub grub, washed down with cask ales doesn’t get better than at Broad Chare……. Spiffing English classics, it is the grilled pork chop with black pudding and cider sauce which is absolutely divine along with those delectable cask ales, served in the dark-wood bar and mezzanine of this perfect setting……Or try ‘modern medieval’ cuisine using ingredients like ox tongue and rare-breed pork in the twelfth-century friary Blackfriars……. Check the tablemat map for the provenance of your cod, woodpigeon or rare-breed pork.

The boho-chic neighbourhood of Jesmond is a goldmine for gourmands, with options ranging from fast food at the Fat Hippo where humongous burgers arrive on wooden planks with stainless-steel buckets of triple-fried, hand-cut chips and is a local success story…… to heavenly fine-dining menus at romantic hideaway Jesmond Dene House…….Head chef Michael Penaluna is the architect of an exquisite regional menu….. venison from County Durham, oysters from Lindisfarne and herbs plucked straight from the garden……. The result is a gourmet extravaganza for your palatte!!!!!

The city has a wide variety of restaurants such as Italian, Indian, Persian, Japanese, Greek,Mexican, Spanish, AmericanPolish, Malaysian, French, Mongolian, Moroccan, Thai,Vietnamese and Lebanese…… Newcastle is one of the seven cities in the United Kingdom that has a Chinese village with many Chinese restaurants on Stowell Street…… There has also been a growth in premium restaurants in recent years with top chefs……Scrumpy Willow and the Singing Kettle…..has been voted as one of the Unite Kingdom’s top organic eateries by Guardian readers, as this incredibly popular place bursts at the seams at mealtimes, and one mouthful is enough to understand why….. Buee…..serves Local and not-so-local ingredients that are given a simple Gallic twist at this brand-new bistro just off the Quayside, serving French specialities….. Blake’s Coffee House…..There is nowhere better than this high-ceilinged cafe for a Sunday-morning cure on any day of the week, because it is friendly, relaxed and serves up the biggest selection of coffees in town….Quay Ingredient…….Beneath the Tyne Bridge’s soaring steel girders, this chic little hole-in-the-wall has a devoted following for its eggs Benedict…. and Florentine, and Montreal, but don’t discount the rest of the menu….. Big Mussel……has this informal diner specialising in one of Europe’s oddest national dishes, mussels and chips, the favourite nosh of the Belgians, ideally washed down with a fruity Flemish ale…… Oak Newcastle…..This hybrid restaurant-deli-bar is an equally good spot to pick up takeaways like pies, dine on dishes spanning black truffle risotto to Moroccan lamb burgers, or sip a cocktail while listening to DJ’s or live music… Pizzeria Francesca……This chaotic, cheerful place for families is how all Italian restaurants should be……. Excitable waiters and huge portions of pizza and pasta keep locals queuing at the door….. get in line and wait because you can’t book in advance….. Silk Room….offers Glamorous fare like Kobe wagyu burgers and kangaroo with port and caramelised pears, complemented with over twenty-five brands of bubbly and sixteen champagne cocktails at it’s glitzy Quayside establishment…… Little Hippo……has an array of small burgers, street food and specials like pulled pork and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Enjoy the Legendary Drinking and Nightlife as you would discover that this city’s nightlife is famed throughout Britain and beyond, thanks in no small part to its spirited student population….. You’ll find everything from boisterous bars around Bigg Market to old-world beauties like Central Station’s former first-class waiting room, the floor-to-ceiling-tiled Centurion Bar…… A cutting-edge cocktail scene at the nexus of Grey and Collingwood Streets, popularly referred to as the ‘Diamond Strip’ due to its concentration of high-end bars, fuelled by gin specialists such as Dacantus and…. Pleased to Meet You pumping clubs like Digital, with a phenomenal sound system….. Gigs at local secrets like the waterside Tyne Bar…. and quiet pints at time-worn treasures like Ouseburn Valley’s Ship Inn and Cumberland Arms, just for starters……In recent years “The Gate” has opened in the city centre, a new indoor complex consisting of bars, upmarket clubs, restaurants and a twelve-screen Empire multiplex cinema!!!!!!


The climate in Newcastle is oceanic….and it is among the driest cities in the United Kingdom.

The irrepressible city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with it’s steep hills lined with handsome Victorian buildings, transformed into galleries, museums, bars and entertainment venues…..would land you in a dreamland igniting that flame in you to return again on the……..Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!!

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