Most Beautiful Tourist Places Of North East India

Rajasthan is stretched with vast shopping locales, throughout its huge expanse,  for an extensive range of merchandise, such as clothes, sarees, linen and fabric in that ethnic and traditional `bandhini’, tye and dye , in cotton, silk, chiffon and georgette, pottery, lacquer, curios in semi precious stones and ornated marble, paintings in `batik’ and varied art, crafted wooden furniture  in vibrant colours and hand-painted, jewellery in gold, diamond and polki diamond, showcasing the gold and silver `thewa’ and `naqashi’ range,in addition to silver trinkets and authentic gems .

North East India Tourist Attraction

Shops in Karnataka are full of clothes, shoes, electronics, books, souvenirs, handicrafts in wood, metal, bronze, copper, brass, silver and gold-polished items, and shawls.  You could pick up designer clothes, bags and jewellery from the high end malls. The swish set towering complex of UB City has all international brands from Louis Vuitton to Jimmy Choo and a piazza-style food court to spend an afternoon swooning about the ambience.  Exquisite fabric in silk, georgette, crepe and chiffon is available, besides some outstanding bed linen, cushion covers, table covers, coasters and bolster covers. Packets of coffee, as well as richly fragrant spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, star anise and cloves make famous specialities!

Loktak Lake North East India

In Sikkim, stores are stocked with famous hand-carved wood choktse tables, carpets, blankets, shawls and prayer rugs.  A vast variety of thangkas, curios and souvenirs, vividly coloured mugs and teacups embraced by dragons and floral patterns, yak-bone ornaments, statuettes made of metal, stones, bronze, copper, brass and those with a silver and gold-polished finish, and yummy local pickles, are an unavoidable indulgence!

Meghalaya could offer fabrics such as muga silk, cotton, kantha work and handlooms which are very famous purchases in the North-East region. There are shops lined up with bamboo and cane products, and colourful stalls are full with local village produce such as forest honey, souvenirs like handmade knives, bags, shawls, bamboo cutlery and other crafts, including fruit such as saying and saflang, sold wrapped in banana leaves. You may also pick up the Jainsayem, the traditional Khasi skirt or Khasi jackets, pullovers and shawls! Packets of dried wild apples and gooseberries are also available for the tourists to carry along with them. Artefacts made of wood, bronze, brass, metal and stone and thangkas, curios and statues of different deities are also tempting purchases!

Visiting the Jewel of the Desert as Rajasthan is called, the place would entice your culinary desires with the earthy rustic core dishes such as dal bhatti, bajra roti and kheer, along with delicious Indian vegetarian food in desi ghee and minimal oil for all tastes, including a varied range of International dishes to entice tourist attraction!

Around the areas of Karnataka and Kerala, they have a way with pork  or pandi curry, fowl or koli curry, prawn curry and mango and rice. Their akki rotis and kadumputtus are a treat. Besides this, you would find biryani stalls, mutton rolls and a variety of Indian, both North and South  and International cuisine!  Also, a vegetarian Kannada meal thali and bajjis are available in pilgrim spots and around town! The cities and towns would be abuzz with international chains serving Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Continental food, in addition to fast food centres selling pizzas, pastas, steaks, sandwiches, croissants, burgers, Danish and cakes, pastries, sundaes and delectable desserts!

You could find typical Sikkimese meals that include dishes made form stinging nettles and Alpine fiddlehead fern, along with the local speciality of the famed cherry brandy. Most restaurants serve regular Indian and Chinese food from chowmein and momos to dishes such as shakbaley or deep-fried meat bread. There are eateries selling Chinese, South Indian and Bengali food, including a blend of Continental, Italian, Tibetan and a variety of Indian cuisine!

For the gastronomical fare, the Meghalaya region has restaurants serving simple food like noodles, vegetables, dal, rice, roti, tandoori food and snacks. You would also find fast food spots selling éclairs, cookies, ice-creams, sundaes, cakes, pastries, croissants, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, muffins, pancakes, milk shake, cold coffee, hot tea and coffee. Excellent Chinese, Japanese and Korean food is served in some outlets. Piping hot momos and ubiquitous little shops selling a rice-and-pork preparation would be an interesting experience. Ofcourse, multi-cuisine fare consisting of Indian, Chinese,Tibetan and International food  along with khasi specialities is also available!