Newcastle Holiday Package

Spanned by iconic bridges, the mighty River Tyne is the spectacular backdrop of this former industrial powerhouse turned Northeast England’s cultural hub…… Vast factories and warehouses have been transformed into galleries, museums and nightlife venues, as have many of Newcastle’s grand Victorian buildings……. Allow at least a few days to explore this regenerated city, including it’s most unmissable experiences……. Newcastle is situated in the North East of England, in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear and the historical and traditional county of Northumberland……. The ground beneath the city is formed from a suite of sandstones, mudstones and coal seams which generally dip moderately eastwards……..astounding, isn’t ir…… To the west of the city are the Upper Pennine Coal Measures and further west again the sandstones and mudstones of the Stainmore Formation, the local equivalent of the Millstone Grit……..hence, don’t stop yourselves from boarding on to the………Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!

Tourist Attractions:

Against its dramatic backdrop of Victorian elegance and industrial nerve…. this fiercely independent city harbours a spirited mix of heritage and urban sophistication, with excellent new art galleries and a magnificent concert hall, along with boutique hotels, some exceptional restaurants and, of course, interesting bars….. Newcastle is renowned throughout Britain for its thumping nightlife, bolstered by an energetic student population…….enough to send a striking invitation to all age groups!!!!!!

The city retains deep-rooted traditions, embodied by the no-nonsense, likeable locals…… Raised and subsequently abandoned by coal and steel, Geordies, as the locals are called….. could be due to the myth that miners’ used safety lamps designed by George Stephenson…. no one knows for sure….. are united through history, adversity and that impenetrable dialect, the closest language to fifteen hundred-years-old Anglo-Saxon left in England…….Spend some time to explore the Victorian city centre and quayside areas along the Tyne and across the river in Gateshead, as well as the rejuvenated Ouseburn Valley to the east, shabby-chic Jesmond to the north, and, on the coast, the surf beaches of Tynemouth……….on your……….Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!

You could walk along in Newcastle, as it still retains a medieval street layout……. Narrow alleys or ‘chares’, most of which can only be traversed by foot, still exist in abundance, particularly around the riverside…… Stairs from the riverside to higher parts of the city centre and the extant Castle Keep, originally recorded in the fourteenth- century, remain intact in places…….Sandhill and Quayside contain modern buildings as well as structures dating from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, including Bessie Surtees House, the Cooperage and Lloyds Quayside Bars, Derwentwater House and “House of Tides”, a restaurant situated at a sixteenth- century merchant’s house….The city has an extensive neoclassical centre referred to as Tyneside Classical The Tyne Gorge, between Newcastle on the north bank and Gateshead…..a separate town and borough…..on the south bank, famous for a series of dramatic bridges, including the Tyne Bridge!!!!!

You must stroll around the historic heart of Newcastle….. the Grainger Town area…. as some of Newcastle upon Tyne’s finest buildings and streets lie within this area of the city centre including Grainger Market, Theatre Royal, Grey Street, Grainger Street and Clayton Street…… These buildings are predominately four stories high, with vertical dormers, domes, turrets and spikes……The builder, Richard Grainger was said to ‘have found Newcastle of bricks and timber and left it in stone’….the Grey’s Monument, which commemorates Prime Minister Earl Grey and his Reform Act, stands above the Monument Metro Station

Another must-see is the Newcastle Castle…..Fresh from completed restoration project, this Castle is the stronghold that put both the ‘new’ and ‘castle’ into Newcastle…… Originally the site of a Roman fortress, where William the Conqueror’s eldest son built a wooden motte and bailey here…… Henry II added the stone castle around the twelfth-century, and the newly reopened Black Gate was built in the thirteenth-century by King Henry III……. Inside it has exhibits charting the castle’s inhabitants, including prisoners throughout those centuries, and the three hundred and sixty -degree city views from the rooftop are the best in town…….Gulp this site………on the……….Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!

Go towards the Victoria Tunnel…..and behold……One of Newcastle’s most atmospheric experiences lies underground…… This long Victoria Tunnel was carved out as a coal wagon thoroughfare and used as an air raid shelter during WWII…… The tunnel entrance is in Newcastle’s nineteenth-century industrial heartland, Ouseburn Valley, which now has an increasing number of potteries, glass-blowing studios and other creative workspaces, along with pubs, bars and entertainment venues, to keep you enchanted all the time!!!!!

Some of the exceptional Museums, which you must visit are as follows…..Learn about the city’s origins, starting from Pons Aelius or Roman Newcastle, its inhabitants, known as ‘Geordies’ and its industrial and maritime heritage at the fascinating Discovery Museum…. Inside the former Co-operative Wholesale Society building, chronological exhibits fan out around the thirty metre-long Turbinia, the fastest ship in the world and the first to be powered by steam turbine…… the Newcastle on Tyne Museum of Antiquities merged with the Great North Museum or Hancock Museum….. Works by Gainsborough, Gauguin and other masters are displayed at the free Laing Art Gallery…….. Top family favourites include dinosaurs, mummies and more at the Great North Museum…… interactive discoveries at the Life Science Centre…… The Biscuit Factory which is a commercial gallery…… The Newburn Hall Motor Museum…… and….. Manuscripts and artwork along with a changing program of kid-oriented exhibitions, activities and events at the wonderful Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books………on this…….Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!

An interesting area is the Gateshead Quay……South of the river, across the Millennium Bridge, alias the Blinking Bridge, which opens like an eyelid to let ships pass, is the ‘town’ or really, the neighbourhood of Gateshead……. A huge mustard-coloured grain store here now contains BALTIC, Centre for Contemporary Art, which mounts blockbuster work and installations by big-name contemporary artists…… The fourth-floor outdoor platform and fifth-floor viewing box offer fabulous panoramas……. From here you can see the Norman Foster-designed chrome-and-glass horizontal bottle housing Sage Gateshead, where performers include the resident Northern Sinfonia orchestra…… Behind the concert hall you’ll see the Tyne Bridge, and it’s resemblance to Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge is no coincidence….. both were built around the same time by Dorman Long.

The vibrant hub of Newcastle-upon-Tyne has plenty of attractions to fill your entire itinerary…. but it’s also the gateway to wild, remote hills, lakes, coastal fishing villages, weathered castles, Roman ruins and a wealth of cultural treasures……..this compact region’s incredible diversity is easily accessible by car on day trips from the city…… Hit the road and start exploring.

The most stunning piece of archaeological remains await your presence……Built between AD 122 and 128 to separate Romans and Scottish Picts, this enormous wall cuts across the landscape, punctuated by fortress ruins……. Although it didn’t serve as a defensive barrier, it marked the northern limit of Roman Britain and was the Empire’s most heavily fortified line…… Named for the emperor who ordered it built, Hadrian’s Wall was one of Rome’s greatest engineering projects, a spectacular seventy-three-mile, up to six metres high testament to the Roman ambition……. for every Roman mile there was a gateway guarded by a small fort or a milecastle and between each milecastle were two observation turrets…… Most of Hadrian’s Wall lies further afield of Newcastle, but its last strong post, the fort of Segedunum at the ‘wall’s end’, now the Newcastle suburb of Wallsend is just a short hop by car or metro from the city centre…… After climbing its thirty-five metre-high tower, you can explore a reconstructed Roman bathhouse with steaming pools and frescoes, and a museum delving into day to day Roman life……. Start at the fort of Segedunum at the ‘wall’s end’ and work your way west across the narrow neck of the island to its end point, Bowness-on-Solway, or just target a short section……. Highlights include the remains of the Roman garrison town of Corstopitum at Corbridge Roman Site and Museum, and four gatehouses, a bathhouse and an underfloor heating system at the remains of the cavalry fort identified as Chesters Roman Fort and Museum……. A cache of sites surround the village of Haltwhistle, including extensive excavations at Vindolanda Roman Fort and Museum, the kid-friendly Roman Army Museum, and the best-preserved Roman fort in the country, Housesteads Roman Fort and Museum………Outstanding legacy remnants……..on this……..Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!!

It would be exciting for you to continue to the Newcastle’s number-one photo snapshot….. the Angel of the North, looms over the A1 or (M) motorway……. Weighing in at a hefty two hundred tonnes, the rust-coloured, outstretched-winged human frame sculpture, designed by Sir Antony Gormley, is a whopping twenty metre high and has a wingspan wider than a Boeing 767…….. Buses run here from the city centre, or you can pull up at the free car park.

Surf’s up! An easy drive or metro ride from central Newcastle, the mouth of the Tyne is one of the best surf spots in England, with great all-year breaks off the immense, crescent-shaped Blue Flag beach, which occasionally hosts the National Surfing Championships……. Tynemouth Surf Company rents boards and all-important wetsuits besides giving lessons……. If you’d prefer to stay dry, then spare some time for exploring the ruins of Tynemouth Priory, on a bluff above the river mouth, or hang out at hip pubs and restaurants along Front Street….. such as Barca Art Cafe………on your……Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!


Look forward to emptying your wallets and purses on a shopping spree……The main shopping street in the city is Northumberland Street, which has been ranked as the most expensive shopping street in the….. It is home to two major department stores including the first and largest Fenwick department store, which houses some of the most luxurious designer labels, and one of the largest Marks and Spencer stores outside London……. Both stores have entrances into the Eldon Square Shopping Centre.

Other shopping destinations include Grainger Street and the area around Grey’s Monument, the Newgate Centre, Central Arcade and the traditional Grainger Market……. Outside the city centre, the largest suburban shopping areas are Gosforth and Byker……. Grainger Market… Newcastle’s gorgeous, heritage-listed covered market which has over a hundred stalls selling everything from fish, farm produce, meat and vegetables to clothes, accessories and homewares… the Newcastle Quayside Market……has stalls displaying jewellery, photographic prints, art, clothing, homewares and more set up along the quays around the Tyne Bridge every Sunday……. Buskers and food stalls add to the street-party atmosphere….. Robson and Sons on Northumberland Coast… where four generations have operated this traditional fish smokers……. It’s best known for its kippers, but also smoked salmon and other fish.


This city offers Fantastic Dining……Foodies will fall hard for Newcastle’s culinary scene…….. Gems include the hole-in-the wall Cafe Quay Ingredient, especially brilliant for breakfasts like Craster kippers with pickled beetroot……. British Gastro Pub grub, washed down with cask ales doesn’t get better than at Broad Chare……. Spiffing English classics, it is the grilled pork chop with black pudding and cider sauce which is absolutely divine along with those delectable cask ales, served in the dark-wood bar and mezzanine of this perfect setting……Or try ‘modern medieval’ cuisine using ingredients like ox tongue and rare-breed pork in the twelfth-century friary Blackfriars……. Check the tablemat map for the provenance of your cod, woodpigeon or rare-breed pork.

The boho-chic neighbourhood of Jesmond is a goldmine for gourmands, with options ranging from fast food at the Fat Hippo where humongous burgers arrive on wooden planks with stainless-steel buckets of triple-fried, hand-cut chips and is a local success story…… to heavenly fine-dining menus at romantic hideaway Jesmond Dene House…….Head chef Michael Penaluna is the architect of an exquisite regional menu….. venison from County Durham, oysters from Lindisfarne and herbs plucked straight from the garden……. The result is a gourmet extravaganza for your palatte!!!!!

The city has a wide variety of restaurants such as Italian, Indian, Persian, Japanese, Greek,Mexican, Spanish, AmericanPolish, Malaysian, French, Mongolian, Moroccan, Thai,Vietnamese and Lebanese…… Newcastle is one of the seven cities in the United Kingdom that has a Chinese village with many Chinese restaurants on Stowell Street…… There has also been a growth in premium restaurants in recent years with top chefs……Scrumpy Willow and the Singing Kettle…..has been voted as one of the Unite Kingdom’s top organic eateries by Guardian readers, as this incredibly popular place bursts at the seams at mealtimes, and one mouthful is enough to understand why….. Buee…..serves Local and not-so-local ingredients that are given a simple Gallic twist at this brand-new bistro just off the Quayside, serving French specialities….. Blake’s Coffee House…..There is nowhere better than this high-ceilinged cafe for a Sunday-morning cure on any day of the week, because it is friendly, relaxed and serves up the biggest selection of coffees in town….Quay Ingredient…….Beneath the Tyne Bridge’s soaring steel girders, this chic little hole-in-the-wall has a devoted following for its eggs Benedict…. and Florentine, and Montreal, but don’t discount the rest of the menu….. Big Mussel……has this informal diner specialising in one of Europe’s oddest national dishes, mussels and chips, the favourite nosh of the Belgians, ideally washed down with a fruity Flemish ale…… Oak Newcastle…..This hybrid restaurant-deli-bar is an equally good spot to pick up takeaways like pies, dine on dishes spanning black truffle risotto to Moroccan lamb burgers, or sip a cocktail while listening to DJ’s or live music… Pizzeria Francesca……This chaotic, cheerful place for families is how all Italian restaurants should be……. Excitable waiters and huge portions of pizza and pasta keep locals queuing at the door….. get in line and wait because you can’t book in advance….. Silk Room….offers Glamorous fare like Kobe wagyu burgers and kangaroo with port and caramelised pears, complemented with over twenty-five brands of bubbly and sixteen champagne cocktails at it’s glitzy Quayside establishment…… Little Hippo……has an array of small burgers, street food and specials like pulled pork and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Enjoy the Legendary Drinking and Nightlife as you would discover that this city’s nightlife is famed throughout Britain and beyond, thanks in no small part to its spirited student population….. You’ll find everything from boisterous bars around Bigg Market to old-world beauties like Central Station’s former first-class waiting room, the floor-to-ceiling-tiled Centurion Bar…… A cutting-edge cocktail scene at the nexus of Grey and Collingwood Streets, popularly referred to as the ‘Diamond Strip’ due to its concentration of high-end bars, fuelled by gin specialists such as Dacantus and…. Pleased to Meet You pumping clubs like Digital, with a phenomenal sound system….. Gigs at local secrets like the waterside Tyne Bar…. and quiet pints at time-worn treasures like Ouseburn Valley’s Ship Inn and Cumberland Arms, just for starters……In recent years “The Gate” has opened in the city centre, a new indoor complex consisting of bars, upmarket clubs, restaurants and a twelve-screen Empire multiplex cinema!!!!!!


The climate in Newcastle is oceanic….and it is among the driest cities in the United Kingdom.

The irrepressible city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with it’s steep hills lined with handsome Victorian buildings, transformed into galleries, museums, bars and entertainment venues…..would land you in a dreamland igniting that flame in you to return again on the……..Newcastle Holiday Package!!!!!!

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Cebu Holiday Package

The enticement gets thickened with some versatile spices from different regions besides adulating the sparkling white-sand beaches….surfing and boarding along to the tempting spas rejuvenating you from time to time…….and ending in the awesome mountains and beautiful coastlines that await your attention………..on the….. Cebu Holiday Package!!!!!

Simply being from Cebu carries a certain cultural heft, and it’s not hard to see why……. it is the hub around which the Visayas revolve and the most densely populated island in the Philippines….. second only to Luzon in its strategic and economic importance to the country….. It also has rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges traversing the northern and southern lengths and the highest mountains are over a thousand meters high……. The main attractions are its white-sand beaches and spectacular diving, namely off the northern tip of Cebu at Bantayan and Malapascua islands, as well as on the southwest coast at Moalboal….. and don’t ignore the much-maligned Cebu City, which has lively bars, emerging eateries and great island-hopping opportunities.

Cebu City is like an entrée-sized Manila….. it’s energetic, exciting and fast-paced, or loud, depending on your perspective…….. If you give it a chance, you’ll find plenty to do here…… Moalboal…..Diving, drinking and dining….. in that order….. top the list of activities here…..though .it’s hard to pronounce….. try mo-ahl-bo-ahl…… About ninety kilometres from Cebu City, this island proper is on the main road…. the part that tourists mean when they say ‘Moalboal’ is actually Panagsama Beach, a cramped and rowdy resort village which is a short tricycle or habal-habal ride west of town…….the Malapascua Island…….While it’s the world-class diving that would attract most of you to this tiny and idyllic island, its lovely beaches and air of joie de vivre are what confirms its reputation as one of Cebu’s most popular destinations…… Diving with the thresher sharks is the main highlight over here….. the Bantayan Island…..Those looking for a place where there’s nothing to do other than laze on a beach will love Bantayan Island…… There’s no diving, no canyoning or volcanoes to scale, just a blinding white-sand beach, fantastic food and lively drinking spots…… The relaxed, bucolic town of Santa Fe on the island’s southern coast is where you’ll find the nicest stretch of beach and low-key resorts…… Basilica Minore del Santo Niño…….this holiest of churches is a real survivor…… Established as the oldest church in the Philippines and burnt down three times, it was rebuilt in its present form in the eighteenth-century…

Another must-see is Museo Sugbo……This terrific museum comprises several galleries in a sturdy old coral-stone building that was Cebu’s provincial jail until recently…..Most interesting are the Spanish-era and American-era galleries…… Casa Gorordo Museum…….Downtown, in a quieter residential area, Casa Gorordo Museum was originally a private home built in the nineteenth-century and purchased by the Gorordos, one of Cebu’s leading families… Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary…….is one of the first places recommended for a visit…… University of San Carlos Museum……This well-put-together museum is best known for its anthropological and archaeological exhibits, including displays depicting the sixteenth-century practise of artifical skull deformation on infants for aesthetic reasons………astonish yourselves with this display………on your…….Cebu Holiday Package!!!!!

Spend the day snorkelling with tropical fish on an island-hopping excursion from Mactan Island near Cebu…… You’ll cruise through the islands in a large motorized canoe called a ‘banca,’ dive and swim in the protected waters of Hilutungan Marine Reserve, and enjoy a picnic lunch of grilled meat or fish on a white-sand beach…… There’s free time for relaxing on the beach, and spectacular views of the island-dotted waters of the Philippine Sea on your banca ride……. the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary… just twenty minutes from Mactan by public bangka and this island is embedded with rare species….the Mactan Shrine…… is the improbable site of one of the defining moments in the Philippines’ history…….delectable views on the…….Cebu Holiday Package!!!!!

The itinerary goes as follows…..your island-hopping adventure begins with pickup from your hotel and a short trip to the Mactan Island docks, just over the causeway from Cebu……Boarding an outrigger motorized canoe called a banca, take in views of the Philippine Sea and its many islands on the forty-minute ride to Hilutungan Island…… The marine sanctuary surrounding this land is home to colorful coral reefs and hundreds of varieties of fish, including damsel fish, anemone fish, parrot fish and batfish, among others……and you’ll have the varied marine life practically eating from your hands! Deeper reef waters surround the island if you feel like trying some snorkelling or swimming……Leaving Hilutungan, continue cruising to Nalusuan Island or Pandanon Island for a scrumptious picnic lunch served on the beach, with grilled seafood, chicken or pork, and fresh fruits for dessert…… The choice of island depends on the day, and both idyllic isles have white sandy beaches and cute beach huts……After lunch, have free time to soak up the sun, go for a swim in the aquamarine sea, or get to know the local fishermen and boat handlers……In the mid-afternoon, cruise back to Cebu and return to your hotel.

Besides the above, your guide could take you to the impressive Fort of San Pedro, Lapu Lapu shrine, Magellan’s Cross, Magellan shrine, Basilica Minore del Santo Nino and Cebu’s beautiful Taoist temple in a pretty pagoda……… The island has several churches and shrines worth visiting and there are tours to help you trace the historic landmarks of this island city.

Drive through the coastal towns en route to Carcar and catch a glimpse of rural life in livelihood activities like shoe making, delicacy cooking, wood -carving and basket- weaving. Cebu isn’t called “Pilgrimage City” for nothing. Follow the heritage trail, visit the original Santo Nino and move on to Mandue’s life-size statues of the Last Supper…… Discover the charm of the old province in it’s heritage sites and landmarks as you go back in time and explore the old city………on this……..Cebu Holiday Package!!!!!

Take a Calesa ride……which is like taking a ferry ride to nearby Bohol to view the mahogany forests and the picturesque rural countryside…… The Sumilon island has an eighteenth- century watchtower and lighthouse, and is popular for swimming.

Discover the natural beauty of the Philippines while touring the scenic countryside of Bohol Island…….. This day trip with an informative guide takes you on a scenic journey around the island, from mahogany forests to historic landmarks and the Chocolate Hills, shaped like mounds of chocolate……. Plus, enjoy a relaxing lunch cruise on the Loboc River, where you’ll have the opportunity to spot indigenous Philippine tarsiers, some of the smallest primates in the world.

Your Bohol Island day trip begins with pickup from your hotel by air-conditioned coach…… With your knowledgeable guide, tour Bohol’s scenic countryside, starting from the island’s capital city of Tagbilaran…This tour takes in many sights, including the bronze statue known as the Blood Compact Monument, a landmark commemorating the first treaty of friendship between the Spanish and Filipinos…….. Visit the Baclayon Church and admire its traditional Spanish colonial architecture……. Explore its neighbouring museum with your guide to see relics dating back to the sixteenth- century.

Next, drive under the lush foliage of mahogany trees in a man-made forest prized for its timber, and pass green farmland and villages surrounded by local nipa palms……. When you reach Bilar, your guide accompanies you to a butterfly conservation center that showcases a variety of Philippine butterflies, including about half of the three hundred species found on Bohol…….Marvel at these colourful creatures as they roam freely over acres of butterfly habitat and feast on nectar-rich flowers……. From a viewing deck above, take note of the cone-shaped Chocolate Hills in the distance……..on the…….Cebu Holiday Package!!!!!

You’ll get up close to the thousand or so limestone mounds after a scenic driving tour through the island’s interior to Carmen…….. Then enjoy more fabulous views over Bohol from the Chocolate Hills viewpoint…… To remember this magnificent panorama, get creative and take an off-the-wall snapshot of yourself with the hills as a backdrop.

Continue by coach to Loboc and board a catamaran for a fifty-minute cruise on the Loboc River, and enjoy an authentic lunch of Filipino specialities served on board the boat, buffet-style…… Relax as you view nature’s splendour, including graceful rolling hills, coconut trees and green nipa palms lining the riverbanks….. Your guide can help you spot tiny Philippine tarsiers playing on the riverbank, with a gentle demeanor and large, bulbous eyes, the world’s second-smallest primate isn’t easy to find……Afterwards, make a brief stop in the coastal town of Loay to observe several backyard industries of the former fishing village…….. See the making of bolo hatchets, used for farming and woodcutting, and learn about the manual construction of nipa palm roofing materials……….Your Bohol tour ends with the return drive to Tagbilaran and drop-off at your selected hotel……..on the……Cebu Holiday Package!!!!!

See thousands of twinkling fireflies illuminate the night during a private evening of firefly watching on the water……. Start your private evening tour from Bohol….with dinner at the Bee Farm Restaurant on Panglao Island featuring gourmet organic food served by a polite and courteous staff, and after dinner… take a leisurely boat cruise enjoying ocean views down the Abatan River……. Here, board a pump boat that takes you downriver at a leisurely pace. Along the riverbanks, you’ll soon notice trees festooned with myriad lights of fireflies, at times covering the entire foliage of the trees… truly an awesome sight and one only Mother Nature can present….. Marvel at the tiny, twinkling lights blinking in the darkness……as your informative guide helps you take in the wonders of nature’s nightlife whilst you meander through the mangroves…… Relax amid the lush scenery as you experience a memorable encounter with these enchanting winged beetles……. This natural occurrence has long been a local sight, but it has more recently been recognized as a unique and wondrous spectacle for city dwellers and tourists alike……. During the migration season, you can even catch a glimpse of birds sleeping among the branches of the mangrove trees that line the river……Enjoy a round-trip hotel transport by private vehicle from Bohol and spend the evening enjoying the natural beauty and local food of the Philippines…. with the captivating image of fireflies etched in your mind!!!!!


There are several boutiques in the island of Cebu which deal with houte couture, and you are certain to pick something really eye catching……. Another interesting feature of this island is the arts and crafts bazaar which not only caters to the island’s inhabitants…… If fine arts or rather paintings are your forte you will get them in Mambaling….. Visit Minglanilla down south and pick up some stunning carpets and embroidery works……. Mactan and Maribago make Cebu’s famous guitars…… Colon Street, Philippines oldest Street, has some of the finest boutiques located here…… Shop in the luxury of air- conditioned malls……. Small malls stock everything from local manufacturers to designer labels.


The Maharaja Restaurant is the only restaurant in Cebu that serves the most authentic Indian cuisine, including vegetarian dishes….. the Alice in Wonderland Restaurant, is a Japanese owned restaurant. The cuisine is a blend of the local and the foreign flavours…… The best quality of the restaurant is that it remains open twenty-four hours….. There is Jollibee and Max’s Restaurant offering a Filipino cuisine…… Yellow Cab Pizza Co. and Shakey’s serving American food……. Cyma Greek Taverna offering Greek, Vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine….. Sbarro with Italian, European and French food…….. Banana Leaf laying down an Asian cuisine……. Don Henrico’s serving Mexican food……. Sumo Sam and Rai Rai Ken offering a Japanese cuisine…… and Lemongrass serving Vietnamese food……..The island has many cafes and restaurants serving pizzas, coffee, ice-cream and snacks…… Just adjacent to Crossroads proper, the Tinder Box is a genteel delicatessen and restaurant…….. Not so much a nightclub as a night precinct, Paseo is a vast semi-outdoor space fronted by a market area and bordered by twenty independently owned bars all competing for attention……and…. Aranos……Upon entry at this authentic Basque-Spanish restaurant you’ll be greeted by the elderly and impressively moustached Spanish owner, Señor Arano himself.


Though Cebu has two official seasons….. dry and wet…… rainfall is usually not particularly high, The wet season usually comes from June to December, while the dry season comes from January until May.

The Perfect Family Holiday Destination To French

The Cathedral of St. John is a medieval church with architectural elements of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries….. and is the principal religious structure in the city with the seat of the Archbishop of Lyon, the Basilica of St-Martin-d’Ainay being one of the rare surviving Romanesque basilica-style churches…. the Eglise Saint-Nizier is a Gothic church with a carved doorway…. the Vieux Lyon or the English Old Lyon area is the Medieval and Renaissance quarter of the town, with shops, dining and cobbled streets…… The Place Bellecour, is one of the largest town squares in Europe….Chapelle de la Trinité….. the first Baroque chapel…..and Saint-Bruno des Chartreux…. a church and a masterpiece of Baroque architecture.

The Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon is a Fine Arts Museum housed in a former convent of the seventeenth- century…. This stunning and eminently manageable museum showcases France’s finest collection of sculptures and paintings outside of Paris from antiquity onwards….the main museum of the city and one of the largest art galleries in France. Housed in the “Palais Saint Pierre”, a former seventeenth-century convent, it displays a major collection of paintings by artists collections of sculptures, drawings and printings, decorative arts, Roman and Greek antiquities…. the second largest collection of Egyptian antiquities after that of the Louvre…. and a medal cabinet of fifty thousand medals and coins……….

Make a trip to the Gallo-Roman Museum displaying many valuable objects and artworks found on the site of Roman Lyon such as Circus Games Mosaic, Coligny calendar and the Taurobolic Altar and the Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon….. a contemporary art museum!

Other sites include…….. the Musée Gadagne…… a museum of the history of Lyon housed in a historic building that also includes a large collection of marionnettes…… Housed in a sixteenth-century mansion built for two rich Florentine bankers, this twin-themed exhibition space incorporates an excellent local history museum Musée d’Histoire de Lyon chronicling the city’s layout……The Musée des Automates is a museum of automated puppets.
Some mesmerizing gardens for a stroll…..are…..the Parc de la Tête d’Or, or literally, the Golden Head Park, in central Lyon….. the largest urban park in France that features a vast lake on which boating takes place during the summer months……and the Jardin botanique de Lyon included in the Parc de la Tête d’Or, which now describes itself as the largest municipal botanical garden…… Place des Terreaux is the centrepiece of the Presqu’île’s beautiful central square… a nineteenth-century fountain made of twenty-one tonnes of lead and sculpted by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi of the Statue of Liberty fame!

Maison des Canuts…..On a fifty-minute guided tour, learn about weavers’ labour-intensive life and the industry’s evolution, see manual looms in use, and browse the silk boutique

Sitting astride the confluence of the Moselle and Seille rivers, Lorraine’s graceful capital Metz…. pronounced ‘mess’ is ready to be fêted…… Though the city’s Gothic marvel of a cathedral, superlative art collections and Michelin star–studded dining scene long managed to side-step the world spotlight, all that changed with the show-stopping arrival of Centre Pompidou-Metz….. Yet the Pompidou is but the prelude to Metz’ other charms…. buzzy pavement cafes and shady riverside parks, a beautiful old town built from golden Jeumont stone and a regal Quartier Impérial up for UNESCO World Heritage status….. Suddenly, everyone’s talking about this city, and rightly s More Tourist attractions in France city.

Bright white by day, all aglow after dark, this new star of the northern France art scene is on the tip of everyone’s tongue….. Designed by world class art-duo, specifically Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, with a curved roof resembling a space-age Chinese hat, the architecturally innovative Centre Pompidou-Metz is the star of the city’s art scene….A provincial cousin to the well-known Centre Pompidou in Paris, this modern art museum is as much an architectural gem as an exhibition powerhouse, easily on par with Bilbao’s Guggenheim and London’s Tate……. Part of the experience is a designer lunch, aka edible art on a plate, at the Museum’s La Voile Blanche……. The Cathédrale St-Étienne has lacy golden spires and this Gothic cathedral crowns the Metz’ skyline…… the Gothic Saint Stephen’s cathedral is sometimes nicknamed the Good Lord’s Lantern….in French, la Lanterne du Bon Dieu….. as it has the largest expanse of stained glass windows in the world….these include works by Gothic and Renaissance master glass makers…… the Quartier Impérial is engulfed with stately boulevards and bourgeois villas of the German Imperial Quarter, including rue Gambetta and av Foch….. the brainchild of Kaiser Wilhelm II……The Golden Courtyard, in French, la Cour d’Or, is a museum dedicated to the history of Metz, divided into four sections… archaeology, medieval, architecture, and fine arts…… The Golden Courtyard displays a rich collection of Gallo-Roman and medieval finds and the remains of the Gallo-Roman baths of Divodurum Mediomatricum,……Verlaine’s House, in French, la Maison de Verlaine is a museum located in the house where the poet Paul Verlaine was born, dedicated to his work, featuring permanent and temporary exhibitions…… the Solange Bertrand foundation, located in the artist’s former house, conserves and displays her artworks!

Indian Delights Holiday Package

If you arrive early, wander through the heart of India’s capital city and explore Old and New Delhi. Travel by the new metro or auto rickshaws and visit the famous Jama Masjid or the Great Mosque, where you could climb the minaret for a bird’s eye view of the old city. Explore Chandni Chowk, one of India’s oldest and busiest markets or head to the colourful spice market, a great photo opportunity. From Old Delhi it is easy to get to Connaught Place, more commonly known as CP, one of the most prominent architectural remnants of British rule, by the metro, the station at CP is called Rajiv Chowk. In CP wander the markets and shops or visit the Gandhi museum, built on the site of his assassination. If people watching is your interest, head down to India Gate and relax on the lawns, or enjoy a stroll through the peaceful Lodi Gardens in the nearby upmarket South Delhi. Other options include the ruins of Qutab Minar, the fabulous architecture of Humayun’s Tomb, the beautifully lotus- shaped Bahai Temple (closed Monday), or the stunning Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple carved out of pink sandstone and white marble. The amazing Craft Museum or the huge and rambling National Museum are also worth a visit. (Note many museums are closed on Monday). There are so many options for dining, from age-old eateries in the by lanes of the Old Walled City to glitzy, specialty restaurants in five-star hotels, as Delhi is a movable feast. Restaurants and bars cater to all tastes and budgets. A delightful outlet offering a range of Indian cuisines are the food stalls at Dilli Haat, where the cuisine of different states is made available. Set in the midst of a spacious crafts bazaar, these cafes are a very pleasant place to enjoy food and indulge in great shopping!

Let your next destination be Goa!

Spend a free day relaxing on the beach or opt to visit the many Portuguese-built monuments, wander around the churches of Old Goa (a UNESCO World Heritage Site or discover Panjim, the capital.

Goa has two World Heritage Sites to enamour the tourists, the Bom Jesus Basilica and Churches and Convents of Old Goa. It also has the Sanctuary of Blessed Joseph Vaz in Sancoale, and the  Pilar Monastery which holds novenas of Venerable Padre Agnelo Gustavo de Souza in November every year. There are a number of Churches or Igorzo, like the Baroque styled Nixkollounk Gorb-Sombhov Saibinnich in Panjim, the Gothic styled Mater Dei, Mother of God Church in Saligao, with each church having its own style and heritage with architectural wonder, besides the splendour of the Kopelam and Irmidi Chapels. There are many enigmatic forts to visit in Goa such as Tiracol, Chapora, Corjuem, Resi Magos, Nanus, Mormugao, Fort Gasper Dias and Cabo de Rama,  on the Indian Delights Holiday Package!

A historic, adventurous, and musical  celebration  would take the tourists towards several parts of Goa, where mansions have been constructed in the Indo-Portuguese style structures, amply  prevalent,  and the  Fontainhas in Panaji, which has been declared a cultural quarter, showcasing Konkanese lifestyle and architecture.    Some influences from the Portuguese era are visible in Goa’s temples, notably the Durga Temple, the Mangueshi Temple and the Mahalasa Temple,  most of these reconstructed in the indigenous Indian style.  A few museums are rather prominent here, the two important ones being Goa State Museum and the Naval Aviation Museum, which  is one among three of its kind in  India, the other two being in Delhi and Bengaluru. The Goa Science Centre, located in Panjim and The National Institute of Oceanography, at Dona, are important landmarks for a visit! Though the town has a few rivers, the Mandovi river is the most popular with its steamer cruise offers, including a treat of Konkan folk dance and music on board with guests joining the revelry, inclusive of the option of having drinks and dinner on board.

Top Tourist Attraction in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Enjoy a private tour of the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary….. also called the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary……and is an elephant conservation center managed by the Malaysian Wildlife Society.

Discover Malaysia’s multicultural influences on this tour to the Batu Caves from Kuala Lumpur… With your fun and knowledgeable guide, explore the Batu Cave Hindu temple….. a massive limestone outcrop  and its cavernous interior lined with different deities. Enjoy a drive along Malaysia’s own Little India or Brickfields, and witness the art of batik design and pewter arts that this region is famous for. ….After pickup from your Kuala Lumpur hotel, embark on your cultural exploration of Malaysia beginning with a short drive through this region’s official Little India in Brickfields…… What used to be a simple residential neighbourhood just outside of Kuala Lumpur has now been transformed into a colourful community with streets lined with quaint shops and mom-and-pop restaurants……A short thirty-minute drive later, arrive at Batu Caves, a massive limestone outcrop with interiors housing a Hindu shrine lined with different deities….. Before climbing the two hundred and seventy-two steps  up into the high caverns, marvel at the impressive golden structure of Lord Murugan, standing tall at a hundred and forty feet or forty-three metres…… On the way up, be greeted by mischievous little monkeys upon arrival at the top of the steps, enter the Cathedral Cave, the biggest cave of the complex featuring a high ceiling and ornate Hindu shrines…… Explore the cave complex with your guide and learn about the history and cultural significance of its various features…….Then make a stop at a local batik center and discover how this popular Malaysian fabric is designed and printed…… Before returning to your hotel,  visit the Royal Selangor Visitor Center to gain insight on pewter smithing and innovative pewter-ware design……..and splurge on some of this novice……..on your……..Kuala Lumpur Holiday Package!!!!!

Reach for the sky by all means, but also keep a close eye on what’s happening closer to the ground……as this city is laden with delicious diversions during your spare hours….. To fully connect with the locals, join them in two of their favourite pastimes….. shopping and eating. Malaysian consumer culture achieves its zenith in KL, where you could spend all day browsing glitzy air-conditioned malls such as Pavilion KL and Mid Valley Megamall in search of bargains…… Alternatively, explore Central Market for locally made souvenirs……. then dive into the culinary melting pots of nearby Chinatown or Masjid India.

Get to know Malaysia in one of the most satisfying ways….. on a food-tasting tour! With an enthusiastic guide, drop in to three or more hole-in-the-wall restaurants and food stalls at a Kuala Lumpur hawker center.

Most of the destinations in Malaysia offer a rejuvenating spa treatment in one of the luxurious spas or a famous traditional Thai massage offers the perfect antidote after a long day of shopping and sightseeing…… Despite being a thriving and bustling metropolis, it is also a haven for relaxation, rejuvenation and regeneration…….  Ancient healing knowledge passed down over generations, the exotic and tropical surroundings at the city’s luxurious spas…..with lots of sunshine and legendary Thai hospitality provide the ideal setting for the continuous pursuit of inner and outer beauty……..try the healing powers on this……..Kuala Lumpur Holiday Package!!!!!

Each and every living moment in Malaysia is itself a celebration for the party lovers and Penang provides an amazing range of entertainment,  acknowledged as a city that never remains awakened at all the hours of the day, though it offers different exciting choices of day and night recreation………Choose  your options……….on the……..Kuala Lumpur Holiday Tour Package!!!!!

The markets offer a wide array of items which you can collect as a nice souvenir when you travel back home…….  From intricate handicrafts and hand-made jewellery to faux-designer goods like watches, leather bags and Nike sportswear …. the city sells it all……..  Modern up-scale shopping malls to road-side shops, it caters to the need of all kinds of shoppers……. Popular items of traditional design include Perak’s labu sayong, geluk, belanga, Chinese dragon kiln ceramics and Sarawakian tribal motif pottery……. Contemporary items include vases, flower pots, decorative pottery, sculpture and kitchenware……. Colourful and captivating, Malaysia’s traditional textiles are much sought after worldwide as their varieties include batik, songket, pua kumbu and tekat……. These textiles are made into all sorts of decorative items, from haute couture clothes to shoes, colourful curtains and delicate bed linen……. For shopping, many duty-free items make Malaysia a shoppers’ paradise…….. There is an endless variety of stuff that travellers can buy, including the famous batik, tekat, songket and pua kumbu, besides unique earthenware, handicrafts and jewellery…… There are malls, boutiques,  stores and shops selling branded and day-to-day merchandise for men and women, besides hand-stitched pillow covers, furnishings, bed linen, a variety of perfumes, accessories, chocolates wines, cigars, merchandise, ceramic curios, crystals, handicrafts and clothes.

Time for some convenient leisure and pleasure, on your own……. Apart from shopping complexes, this place has earmarked  zones in the city to market locally manufactured products such as textiles, fabrics and handicrafts……. For shopping, the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur, commonly known as Petaling Street, is a shopping arcade that features many buildings with  Chinese and colonial architectural influences, and the city’s Central Market or Pasar Seni offers an assortment of arts and craft merchandise, varying from antiques and paintings to souvenirs and clothing…….. Enchanting hand-crafted accessories are abound in Malaysia and there is a treasure trove to choose  from leather-crafted goods, beadwork necklaces from Borneo, art decos, paintings, curios in semi-precious stones embedded with gems, Chinese fabrics in silk and brocade, umbrellas, fans, panels and boxes in mother-of-pearl or finely-made gold and silver ornaments adorned with precious and semi-precious stones.

The cuisine here reflects the versatility in restaurants, malls and street-side hawkers’ stalls….. in KL, food is served in buildings which are known for housing cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets and street hawkers, offering a delectable gourmet adventure with a blend of Indian, Continental, Chinese,  Malay and Japanese food fare.  The most popular Malay food is  char kwey tiaw, asam laksa, rojak and nasi goring, and this is something which the adults and the young would relish together……..exploring their adventurous taste buds!……There are a number of fast food chains like McDonald, Burger King,  KFC,  Marybrown,

The Restoran Beh Brothers is one of the few round-the-clock operations on this eats street that does good dim sum for breakfast and lunch……. Opposite is the frog porridge stall…Jalan Alor has KL’s biggest collection of roadside restaurants.

Food invites curiosity in this city which offers a mouth-watering mix of Asian culinary traditions…….. Start with a breakfast of fresh popiah and congee at Imbi Market….. seguing into a snack of freshly made roti and spicy chicken curry at Jln Belfield’s SS Spicy Food stalls. Move onto Chinatown for a must-have bowl of asam laksa on Madras Lane. Save room for afternoon tea somewhere nice…. Majestic Hotel fits the bill……. and for supper on Jln Alor……. the perfect end to a grand dining day.

Kuala Lumpur has a tropical rainforest climate which is warm and sunny, along with abundant rainfall, especially during the northeast monsoon season from October to March……. Temperatures tend to remain constant, although the summer months are comparatively dry and sunny.

After gorging on this lay-out of artistic culture, outstanding monuments, enthralling gardens and parks, luschious greens, vivacious markets and an elaborate food display…….carry these memories as a permanent baggage on your return from the…….Kuala Lumpur Holiday Package!!!!!!

Most Beautiful Tourist Places Of North East India

Rajasthan is stretched with vast shopping locales, throughout its huge expanse,  for an extensive range of merchandise, such as clothes, sarees, linen and fabric in that ethnic and traditional `bandhini’, tye and dye , in cotton, silk, chiffon and georgette, pottery, lacquer, curios in semi precious stones and ornated marble, paintings in `batik’ and varied art, crafted wooden furniture  in vibrant colours and hand-painted, jewellery in gold, diamond and polki diamond, showcasing the gold and silver `thewa’ and `naqashi’ range,in addition to silver trinkets and authentic gems .

North East India Tourist Attraction

Shops in Karnataka are full of clothes, shoes, electronics, books, souvenirs, handicrafts in wood, metal, bronze, copper, brass, silver and gold-polished items, and shawls.  You could pick up designer clothes, bags and jewellery from the high end malls. The swish set towering complex of UB City has all international brands from Louis Vuitton to Jimmy Choo and a piazza-style food court to spend an afternoon swooning about the ambience.  Exquisite fabric in silk, georgette, crepe and chiffon is available, besides some outstanding bed linen, cushion covers, table covers, coasters and bolster covers. Packets of coffee, as well as richly fragrant spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, star anise and cloves make famous specialities!

Loktak Lake North East India

In Sikkim, stores are stocked with famous hand-carved wood choktse tables, carpets, blankets, shawls and prayer rugs.  A vast variety of thangkas, curios and souvenirs, vividly coloured mugs and teacups embraced by dragons and floral patterns, yak-bone ornaments, statuettes made of metal, stones, bronze, copper, brass and those with a silver and gold-polished finish, and yummy local pickles, are an unavoidable indulgence!

Meghalaya could offer fabrics such as muga silk, cotton, kantha work and handlooms which are very famous purchases in the North-East region. There are shops lined up with bamboo and cane products, and colourful stalls are full with local village produce such as forest honey, souvenirs like handmade knives, bags, shawls, bamboo cutlery and other crafts, including fruit such as saying and saflang, sold wrapped in banana leaves. You may also pick up the Jainsayem, the traditional Khasi skirt or Khasi jackets, pullovers and shawls! Packets of dried wild apples and gooseberries are also available for the tourists to carry along with them. Artefacts made of wood, bronze, brass, metal and stone and thangkas, curios and statues of different deities are also tempting purchases!

Visiting the Jewel of the Desert as Rajasthan is called, the place would entice your culinary desires with the earthy rustic core dishes such as dal bhatti, bajra roti and kheer, along with delicious Indian vegetarian food in desi ghee and minimal oil for all tastes, including a varied range of International dishes to entice tourist attraction!

Around the areas of Karnataka and Kerala, they have a way with pork  or pandi curry, fowl or koli curry, prawn curry and mango and rice. Their akki rotis and kadumputtus are a treat. Besides this, you would find biryani stalls, mutton rolls and a variety of Indian, both North and South  and International cuisine!  Also, a vegetarian Kannada meal thali and bajjis are available in pilgrim spots and around town! The cities and towns would be abuzz with international chains serving Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Continental food, in addition to fast food centres selling pizzas, pastas, steaks, sandwiches, croissants, burgers, Danish and cakes, pastries, sundaes and delectable desserts!

You could find typical Sikkimese meals that include dishes made form stinging nettles and Alpine fiddlehead fern, along with the local speciality of the famed cherry brandy. Most restaurants serve regular Indian and Chinese food from chowmein and momos to dishes such as shakbaley or deep-fried meat bread. There are eateries selling Chinese, South Indian and Bengali food, including a blend of Continental, Italian, Tibetan and a variety of Indian cuisine!

For the gastronomical fare, the Meghalaya region has restaurants serving simple food like noodles, vegetables, dal, rice, roti, tandoori food and snacks. You would also find fast food spots selling éclairs, cookies, ice-creams, sundaes, cakes, pastries, croissants, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, muffins, pancakes, milk shake, cold coffee, hot tea and coffee. Excellent Chinese, Japanese and Korean food is served in some outlets. Piping hot momos and ubiquitous little shops selling a rice-and-pork preparation would be an interesting experience. Ofcourse, multi-cuisine fare consisting of Indian, Chinese,Tibetan and International food  along with khasi specialities is also available!

Best Things to Do in Brussels Belgium

An exciting destination……so  get ready to exploit………go berserk with your adventure……..splurge………indulge…….on your visit to Brussels  with an access to the city’s most popular attractions and activities which give your family  and companions fantastic views of the sights on board as you stroll around colourful resorts, traditional culture and tropical natural wonders……artistic architecture, green areas and vibrant restaurants, cafes and bars…….this adventure is seasoned with a blend of all the  spices……….lending versatility and uniqueness in it’s contrast……..and familiarity!

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and of Brussels Capital Region. It might also be considered something of a capital for the European Union.  Being at the crossroads of cultures…… the Germanic in the North and the Romance in the South and playing an important role in Europe, Brussels fits the definition of the archetypal “melting pot”, but still retains its own unique character.  It operates as a bilingual city where both French  and Dutch or Flemish  are official languages.  Thus all the streets have two names, which can sound totally different.  For example, the Main Square is called both la Grand Place and de Grote Markt.  Although officially bilingual, French is undoubtedly Brussels’ lingua franca.  English is also widely understood, but not always widely spoken.

The grand and opulent city is split into nineteen communes or gemeenten or municipalities……boroughs……which are worth exploring to bring that sparkle in your eyes, as you move along different paths, vividly described…… as under………through some experiences…….

Bruxelles/Brussel encompasses many charming and beautiful attractions, with deeply ornate buildings on the Grand Place/Grote Markt, and a fish-and-crustacean overdose of St. Catherine’s Square Stroll along, and stop in for a drink at one of the many bars on Place St-Géry/Sint-Goriksplein, or max out your credit card on the trendy Rue Antoine Dansaert/Antoine Dansaertstraat.

Marolles/Marollen  is a neighbourhood close to the city’s heart, and one of the few places where Dutch or Flemish could still be heard. The area is best known for the flea market held daily on the Place du Jeu de Balle/Vossenplein as well as a plethora of shops selling everything from old radios and bent wipers to fine china and expensive Art Nouveau trinkets. Visit on Saturdays or Sundays…… case you decide to splurge!

Brussels/Ixelles-Elsene…… is a vibrant part of the town with a high concentration of restaurants, bars and other services to satisfy the good-looking or the heavy-spending. Some wandering around will reveal small bookshops, affordable ethnic restaurants or independent record shops tucked away in side streets. The Matongé district just off Chaussée d’Ixelles/Elsenesteenweg is the city’s main African neighbourhood. It is a large district spreading from newly gentrified immigrant neighbourhoods to leafy suburbs close to the Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kamerenbos…………..enlivened with plenty of green space!

Molenbeek|Molenbeek  is a commune with a very large Moroccan and, lately, Romani or Gypsy population……..charming enough for a walk!

Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis……  is the  city’s bohemian epicentre with thriving French, Portuguese, Spanish, Maghrebi and Polish communities. The area around the Parvis de St-Gilles/St-Gillisvoorplein is the arty part, with the area around the Chatelain/Kastelein and the Church of the Holy Trinity being definitely more glorified. It boasts of several Art Nouveau and Haussmann-style buildings.

St-Josse/Sint-Joost……  has a few small, welcoming streets. A part of it is also home to a relatively small Indo-Pakistani community, so this is the place to head to for a tikka masala.

Uccle/Ukkel……  is  Brussels’ poshest commune as green, bourgeois and starched- like all posh communes should be, and  has retained many of it’s enchanting medieval cul-de-sacs, tiny squares and small townhouses as has some nearby areas.

Woluwé-Saint-Pierre/Sint-Pieters-Woluwe and Woluwé-Saint-Lambert/Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe are two communes at the eastern end of the city. Mainly residential, with a mixture of housing blocks, quaint neighbourhoods and green areas….. this place is well-loved by Eurocrats and other professional strata. The enormous Wolubilis cultural complex is well worth a visit.

You may accommodate the above commumes……as many as you can….otherwise spare some time to discover the most important landmarks of Brussels that  would leave you spellbound…….

Grand Place or Grote Markt……. is  surrounded by the city tower and a range of beautiful three hundred year old buildings.  In the evening, surrounded by bright illumination, it is simply ravishing.  During some evenings a music and light show is provided with the buildings serving as a canvas.   Have a “gaufre de Liège-Luikse wafel” here …a Belgian waffle with caramelized sugar…..delectable, isn’t it?

A unique sight……but  thought-provoking……..perhaps for a change in vision and mind-set……Manneken Pis……  just a short walk from the Grand Place-Grote Markt is the Manneken Pis, a small bronze statue thought to represent the “irreverent spirit” of Brussels.  This statue of a child performing one of Nature’s most basic functions.  Belgians have created hundreds of outfits for this statue, and  there are many stories of the statue’s significance.   It is believed to have been inspired by a child who, while in a tree, found a special way to drive away invading troops.  Another story goes that a father was missing his child and made a declaration to the city that when he found him he would build a statue of him, doing whatever it was that he was doing.  It has also been said a witch turned him to stone for  committing an undesiring social etiquette on her property.  These are all myths……..may not be believed! Parc du Cinquantenaire-Jubelpark ……definitely check out the Arc de Triomphe-Triomfboog on the east side of town.  It is possible to go up to the terrasse above the arch, from where you’ll have a good view of the city. Entry is through the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History and is free.

Atomium, Square de l’Atomium/Atomiumplein…. the unavoidable icon of Brussels and Belgium, important place for international tourism, unique creation in the history of architecture and emblematic vestige of the World Fair in Brussels….. this continues to embody it’s ideas of the future and universality, half a century later.    Five of the nine spheres are open to the public….. one of them is housing a permanent exhibition dedicated to some small models of some countries pavillions.  Another sphere is dedicated to temporary exhibitions with scientific themes The upper sphere offers spectacular views of the city.  When the sky is clear, the view reaches till Antwerp. Basically, there are only three spheres……. the top which has a restaurant, the middle has a snack bar  and  the bottom where  the only thing to see really is the view….. at night, all the spheres are illuminated to  offer a very special show Palais de Justice/Justitiepaleis  is  larger than St. Peter’s basilica in Rome…… Basiliek van het Heilig Hart /Basilique du Sacré Coeur…..  is the fifth biggest church in the world, with an impressive interior and an amazing view over Brussels and it’s surroundings. Palais Royale/Koninklijk Paleis is a Royal Palace with a park out front. Mini-Europe…… hosts a set of scale models of famous European structures. Statue of Europe  also referred to as Unity in Peace…. the sculpture symbolises peace through European integration. Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire is a  museum  that has an important collection of art objects from different civilizations from all over the world…… Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique…… features both historical art and modern art in the one building. In a vast museum of several buildings, this complex combines the Musée d’Art Ancien-Museum voor Oude Kunst and the Musée d’Art Moderne…..Museum voor Moderne Kunst under one roof connected by a passage. The collection shows off works, most of them Belgian, from the fourteenth to the twentieth- century, starting in the historical section, with Hans Memling’s portraits from the  fifteenth -century, which are marked by sharp life-like details, works by Hiëronymus Bosch, and Lucas Cranach’s Adam and Eve.  You should particularly seek out the subsequent rooms featuring Pieter Brueghel, including his Adoration of the Magi.  Don’t miss his unusual Fall of the Rebel Angels, with grotesque faces and beasts.  But don’t fear, many of Brueghel’s paintings, like those depicting Flemish village life, are of a less fiery nature.  Later artists represented include Rubens, Van Dyck, Frans Hals, and Rembrandt.  Next door, in a circular building connected to the main entrance, the modern art section has an emphasis on underground works…..the collection includes works by van Gogh, Matisse, Dalí, Tanguy, Ernst.

Musées d’Extrême-Orient comprise a Japanese tower, a Chinese pavilion, and a museum of Japanese art. The architecture and decor may seem over the top to today’s tastes, but there are some outstanding examples of Chinese export porcelain, and rotating exhibitions of Japanese artefacts from the Edo period…….. Musée BELvue features Belgium’s history……..  before it became a museum, the former eighteenth -century luxury hotel was a royal residence……the Natural Sciences Museum of Belgium…..which  is well-known for its famous collection of iguanodons  or dinosaurs discovered in a coal-mine in Belgium.  The dinosaur collection has been refreshed and includes discovery activities for the children.  The other parts of the museum are also interesting, as an exhibit of all animals that live in our houses and a collection of mammals……..

The Horta Museum…… is the home of noted Belgian Art Nouveau architect and designer Victor Horta. It can be very busy on rainy Sundays and the queue is outside, so don’t forget your umbrella……….dancing in the rain……..breathing in every drop of water….and also sipping a hot or cold beverage! The Royal Museum for Central Africa collection of ethnographic objects from Central Africa is in fact the only one of it’s kind in the world.  It also contains the entire archives of Henry Morton Stanley which are of great historical value.  The actual state of the museum makes it some kind of “museum in the museum” The Belgian Comic Strip Center……  is a permanent exposition featuring the early beginning of comics as well as its’ development.  There is enough room for other varying expositions.  The bookshop at the ground floor sells many different comics.  A readers’ library operates on the ground floor, where, for a low entrance fee, you can read many different comic books and buy fries.

The Musical Instruments Museum……the mim houses more than seven thousand instruments, from all times and all over the world……’s reputation is built on the extraordinary collection. The exhibits are displayed on four different floors featuring a wide range of instruments from all time periods and areas of the world. The MIM is a place to experience music. An infrared headphone system allows each visitor to enjoy the sound and melodies played by the instruments presented. The restaurant on the roof is also famous because of it’s panoramic view over Brussels. You need some hours to really enjoy the whole museum and  make sure you have enough time…….The  Musée Juif de Belgique is dedicated to the craft, folk art, culture and religion of the Jewish people in Belgium.

Bibliotheca Wittockiana is a  museum that is dedicated to the art of binding books, with one of the most prestigious bookbinding collections in the world. Quite interesting. A discovery of forgotten discipline……another food for thought and a change in ideology and philosophy or acceptance…..each to his own but to the best of being positive……if possible…….without impositions!  Amazing use of materials, that unexpectedly gives room to innovation…… Scientastic has one hundred and one  surprising and wonderful hands-on science exhibits.

The Bourse is the stock market building in Brussels.  Locals like to sit on the steps, and you may do the same….. sometimes with fries, sipping a beverage. Several turn-of-the-century houses and manors can still be seen today……such as the Stoclet/Stokkel House, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was built on a design by Josef Hoffmann and contains mosaics and paintings by Gustav Klimt. The Paleis voor Schone Kunsten  or Dutch or Palais des Beaux…..arts is often referred to as “Bozar” or “PSK”……… contains a large concert hall, a recital room, a chamber music room, lecture rooms and a vast gallery for temporary exhibitions………showcasing it’s various divisions….. Bozar Architecture is open to the public with exhibitions and lectures……. Bozar Cinema has showings of quality films for the general public……. Bozar Dance hosts international contemporary dance productions…… Bozar Expo has many exhibitions every year, alternating the great collections with contemporary art, various national heritages, and support for young artists…….. Bozar Literature hosts meetings with Belgian and foreign writers…….. Bozar Music  concerts in almost a dozen venues, both at the Centre for Fine Arts and elsewhere in Brussels, with Western classical music from the Middle Ages to our times, as well as non-European classical music, traditional music, jazz, blues, rock in a great variety of line-ups and genres, from chamber ensembles to big bands, from recitals to concert performances of the opera…….. Bozar Theatre is oriented towards avant-garde theatre………. Bozar Studios is the Centre’s educational service, operating as an artistic department in its own right.

Belgian lace and Belgian chocolates…..  how can any visitor leave without souvenirs of the country’s two most famous products?  For pralines, the Belgian term for chocolates, visitors can do no better than Leonidas, the Belgian chocolatier with the Greek name.  This chain sells high-quality, handmade pralines at reasonable prices.  For lace, the city’s largest maker is Manufacture Belge de Dent. Their selection is large, their lace is handmade, and the quality is top-notch.  For another excellent souvenir, purchase some of Belgium’s many celebrated brews.  Comic lovers will also want to stock up on Tintin memorabilia…… the best selection is at Boutique de Tintin.  In addition, fashionistas don’t need Paris for the hottest designers.  Desirable boutiques line Avenue Louise, and the Kaat Tilley shop offers terrific designs too.  Boutiques, not to mention excellent window shopping, are available in the Galleries Saint-Hubert, considered by many to be Europe’s oldest “mall”  Speaking of old, antique lovers should venture to the chic Place du Grand Sablon for the city’s largest selection. Be sure to stop in at Wittamer, Brussels’ most famous patisserie, for a snack.  On weekend mornings, an antiques fair is held in the Sablon square.  Bargain hunters, however, will find the Vieux Marche more to their tastes.  This flea market has been in operation since the seventeenth- century selling…… antiques, old postcards, retro clothing, household items.

Marche Du Midi is the largest…… colourful outdoor market in open places around Brussels and has everything from food to flowers to bathroom accessories, with many ethnic stalls of Turks, Middle-Eastern and Africans. Place Du Grand Sablon is a shopping district……dotting art galleries, boutiques, upscale cafes,  epicentre of Brussels’ antiques trade,  historic homes surrounding the square have been turned into antique shops, and an antique weekly market is held here on each weekend……. Christa Reniers….  Belgium’s top contemporary jewellery designer with exquisite ornaments….. Claude-Noelle has an elegant setting on Place Du Grand Sablon….a  jewellery store selling  shiny  jewellery and expensive antiques objects.

Brussels is chock full of chocolates, but the ultimate indulgence for the chocoholic is Place du Grand Sablon-Grote Zavel Plein, where you will find three shops selling some of the best chocolate in the world……. Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini and Wittamer. Each store has it’s own specialities Passion Chocolat is a bit out of the way but it’s artisan chocolate is worth a visit, and you can taste lots of it for free at the entrance.

The French Marvel

Street art, city views, coffee and markets…… exploring Belleville, Paris’ hip new neighbourhood……may introduce you to this…….once a patchwork of farms and windmills, Edith Piaf’s….. old stomping ground and a staunchly working-class quartier  or neighbourhood, known as brilliantly multicultural Belleville…..  now home to neobistros, coffee roasters and burgeoning art projects….. and with some of the city’s best street art, panoramic views and a rising food scene, this is clearly a slice of northeastern Paris worth checking out……move on to exotic Burgundy and savour the cultural heritage of Lyon…….with it’s famous heritage walls and delectable wineries…….. to rejuvenate yourselves on………The French Marvel!!!!

Tourist Attractions:
Arrive in Paris and head for Belleville’s rue Dénoyez sports …….the most dazzling street art. Everything on the short street, from rubbish bins and flowerpots to lamp posts and window shutters, is covered from head to toe in colourful art. Artist workshops line the street where local kids kick footballs around and street art ‘happenings’ break out on sultry summer nights. At the end of the street, break for an organic jasmine ice tea, homemade lemonade or glass of warm vanilla milk at Le Barbouquin, a mellow literary cafe with books, vintage armchairs and cultural events such as violin-accompanied poetry readings on weekends.

From blvd de Belleville walk east along rue des Couronnes until you reach rue de la Mare, a plain unassuming street brightened with the odd splash of street art and hidden artist studios and workshops. Seek out ceramists, potters and highly creative milliners such as Estelle Ramousse  known for her theatrical made-to-measure hats. On nearby rue Envierges, haute-couture fashion designer Stéphanie Coudert tailor-makes unique pieces in her hip studio with striking, raw-wood façade. The best time to encounter local artists at work is during the annual Portes Ouvertes  or ‘Open House’ in May when  a group of artists open their studio doors to visitors for four days. Some of their work is displayed year-round in the gallery of Les Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville.

Below the panoramic terrace on rue Piat the green lawns, fountains and trimmed hedgerows of Parc de Belleville tumble down the hillside. Amid hectares of urban greenery is a gargantuan slide, toboggan ride and climbing frame for kids. Right under your feet, beneath the panoramic terrace, actually a rooftop, is the Maison de l’Air …… inside is a green exhibition on air quality in Paris.

For city views, wander along rue des Envierges, past old-fashioned bistro Le Vieux Belleville where you can hear accordion music and chansons  or songs still being performed of an evening. At the end of street the stunning city panorama sweeps across the horizon from the terrace on rue Piat. An orientation table, designed in colour ceramic mosaics by local artists, maps out the Eiffel Tower and other key monuments on the skyline………as you continue on…….this French Marvel!!!

Take a break and tuck into a baguette sandwich filled with Morbier cheese, walnuts and honey from gourmet bakery Le Panorama Gourmand and flop on the rather funky chaise lounge….  built from recycled wooden pallets……  on the square here……. or stop in at L’O’Paris,  a modern cafe with sky blue façade, bright pink interior and live jazz at weekends.

This region was put on the hipster map by Belleville Brûlerie, a ground-breaking roastery that brought good  creative coffee to Paris. Belleville beans go into espressos and cappuccinos served at some of the city’s coolest barista-run cafes such as Fondation Café, Holybelly and Lockwood…….lo…..and….. if in you’re in Belleville on a Saturday you can taste, buy and drink coffee in situ at the roastery  as  ‘cupping’ sessions on Saturday mornings are a highlight.

For an authentic taste of an Asian food scene on this side…..head to Tai Yen for Chinese and Don Huong for Vietnamese…… both offer outstanding value. The neighbourhood’s crop of hip neo-bistros includes Felicity Lemon, which sells itself as the cantine de quartier  or neighbourhood canteen….. the place where everyone goes, and rising star Chatomat. Natural wines accompany homemade bistro platters at the stylish wine cellar Chapeau Melon, while an unpretentious favourite is Mon Oncle Le Vigneron …. Pascal and Chika have cooked and entertained guests around shared tables at this upmarket grocery store and kitchen for the last nineteen years. For Sunday brunch there is one address….. beneath a hundred-year olive tree at  a buzzing arts centre Le Bellevilloise……..sumptuous fare on……..the French Marvel!!!!

Stall holders shout out loud to flog their wares in a din of different languages at raucous open-air food market, Marché de Belleville. Its stalls have filled busy thoroughfare blvd de Belleville and shopping here for fruit, vegetables and other fresh produce is a fantastic entry into the large, vibrant community, home to artists, students and immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. End your foodie shop with a more sedate shopping experience at Fromagerie Beaufils, a family-run fromagerie and affineur or ripener…… rated as one of the best cheese shops in Paris. Crunchy baguettes and other wood-oven-baked bread from Belleville’s prize-winning boulangerie  or bakery Au 140 make the perfect picnic partner.

Splendid India Holiday Package

Experience the Taj Mahal at sunrise, capture colourful Rajasthan in your viewfinder, relax on quiet beaches in Goa, connect with the locals in a homestay, and sample delicious Indian cuisine.

From the hectic pace of northern Delhi to the beaches of Goa and the fishing nets of relaxed Kochi, this epic journey packages the subcontinent’s highlights into a well-placed flexible vacation, with the duration at your discretion. Watch the sunrise at Savitri temple in Pushkar and explore the canals of Alleppey on your way to a homestay with a local family. Pack your trip with everything you want and nothing that you don’t desire. What are you waiting for? Lush hills, bustling cities and mouth-watering curries are calling you on this Splendid India Holiday Pacakge!

If you arrive early, wander through the heart of India’s capital city and explore Old and New Delhi. Travel by the new metro or auto rickshaws and visit the famous Jama Masjid (Great Mosque) where you could climb the minaret for a bird’s eye view of the old city. Explore Chandni Chowk, one of India’s oldest and busiest markets or head to the colourful spice market, a great photo opportunity. From Old Delhi it is easy to get to Connaught Place, more commonly known as CP, one of the most prominent architectural remnants of British rule, by the metro (station at CP is called Rajiv Chowk). In CP wander the markets and shops or visit the Gandhi museum, built on the site of his assassination. If people watching is your interest, head down to India Gate and relax on the lawns, or enjoy a stroll through the peaceful Lodi Gardens in the nearby upmarket South Delhi. Other options include the ruins of Qutab Minar, the fabulous architecture of Humayun’s Tomb, the beautifully lotus- shaped Bahai Temple (closed Monday), or the stunning Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple carved out of pink sandstone and white marble. The amazing Craft Museum or the huge and rambling National Museum is also worth a visit. (Note many museums are closed on Monday). There are so many options for dining, from age-old eateries in the by lanes of the Old Walled City to glitzy, specialty restaurants in five-star hotels, as Delhi is a movable feast. Restaurants and bars cater to all tastes and budgets. A delightful outlet offering a range of Indian cuisines are the food stalls at Dilli Haat, where the cuisine of different states is made available. Set in the midst of a spacious crafts bazaar, these cafes are a very pleasant place to enjoy food and indulge in great shopping!

Travel by the early morning train to the Muslim city of Agra, as no visit is complete without at least one train trip. This city is best known as the site of India’s most famous landmark, the Taj Mahal. Enjoy a guided visit to this icon of Mughal architecture either in the morning or late afternoon for the best light, and be sure to bring lots of camera film! Ride one of the ubiquitous cycle rickshaws to visit the Lal Qila or Red Fort, the Taj’s less famous, but no less impressive, sister monument. The Taj Mahal was built by the Muslim Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his favourite wife, Arjumand Bano Begum, better known as Mumtaz Mahal., It is the romantic origin of the Taj as much as its architectural splendour that has led to its fame worldwide. Actually an integrated complex of many structures, the Taj Mahal is considered the finest example of Mughal architecture, itself a combination of Islamic, Hindu, Persian and Turkish elements. The walled palatial city of Lal Qila, or the Red Fort, was first taken over by the Moghuls, at that time led by Akbar the Great. Akbar liked to build from red sandstone, often inlaid with white marble and intricate decorations, and it was during his reign that the fort began changing into more of a royal estate. However, it was only during the rule of Akbar’s grandson, Shah Jahan (who eventually built the Taj Mahal) that the site finally took on its current state. Unlike his grandfather, Shah Jahan preferred buildings made from white marble, often inlaid with gold or semi-precious gems and at the end of his life the Emperor was imprisoned in the fort by his son, Aurangzeb. It is said that Shah Jahan died in Muasamman Burj, a tower with a marble balcony with an excellent view of the Taj Mahal.