Places to Visit in North East India

Close by is located a beautiful labyrinth of underground passages beneath age-old caves and this is a must visit place for amateur and experienced explorers where Khasi monoliths (stones in memory of their ancestors) lie scattered around.
There are a series of memorable views, and one can see as far as Bangladesh. Orchids blooming a few feet away from a belt lacking of vegetation, as the  place exhibits  dense woods interspersed by rocky, cliffs broken by erosion. An amazing variety of rare orchids, ferns, and moss convert each sector into a botanist’s paradise as this place also produces the best quality of oranges as well as pineapples. In fact, Cherrapunji oranges are the forefathers of the famous Nagpuri oranges in the Central India.

The trekking opportunity in Meghalaya is outstanding for the fact that the terrain is very challenging in the Himalayan areas but with the advantage of not being snow-wrapped. An added attraction is the possibility of intimating with many rare species of flora and fauna, impossible to find elsewhere. You can hire guides to walk through the most alluring and confusing terrains of the Meghalaya, which is characterised by flowing rivers, rolling hills and towering waterfalls.

Meghalaya is a treasure trove of nature, with its rich variation of dense endemic and cultivated flora, where charm in its plenteous abundance, had blessed  this place with a unique array of plantation, and turned it into a  happy hunting ground for the zoologists to keep them interested in the rare and diverse fauna wealth.  It is also abound with a rich wealth of mammal genera, which is enough to captivate the tourists!

Agartala, as the capital of Tripura, has a bit of India tucked into Bangladeshi territory, with the Bengali population living in the plains and the Mizos living in the hills. The city is green and bamboo-rich; embracing magnificent tiled floors, carved wooden ceilings and striking doors. The Kamalasagar pond is a pilgrimage and a tourist spot. En route to Aizawl, in Mizoram, the road winds through gentle, pine-laden slopes and then along a spectacular ridge that falls away into the Bangladeshi plains. A jewel of a destination, this tourist spot has unexceptional modern churches in every neighbourhood. Chanmari, in this area celebrates the spirit of the young who are seen toting guitars, ready to jam!

Mizoram in India has abundant deep valleys veiled with rich and luxuriant surroundings filled with a vast variety of flora and fauna. Relish the landscape of the plenty with wild flowers, splendid scenery, local people, dancing people, while you trek through them. There are routes, which ascend steeply, and go around local villages, passing through forests of rhododendron and orchids. It is this very charisma that attracts the spiritual joy that trekkers have found in this land. Mizoram offers excellent and exciting scope for mountaineering and the peaks offer much scope to visitors who are fond of adventure sports like climbing and mountaineering.

Kohima, the busy capital of Nagaland, is hugged by hills and is an enigmatic city. It has a fantastic red-roofed Catholic Cathedral and an everbusy Super Market, as well as the State Museum. The Dzuko Valley is full of lilies and rhododendrons in season and acclaims an enduring trek range. Tuophema is an eco-tourist village whereas Mokokchung is a pretty town with the villages of Ungma and Longkhum offering interesting excursions.