Srinagar Holiday Houseboats

The other major monuments of Srinagar are a short and walkable circuit. A good place to start is the Shrine of Dastgir Sahi, wherein the interior ornamentation of painted and carved wood in the mosque is remarkable, after which the couples may visit the Rozabal Shrine which has acquired an unwarranted reputation as the tomb of Jesus. A visit to Srinagar’s central mosque Jama Masjid is another wonder with the gorgeous building having a pagoda-like spire mounted on a cube of timber on the stone plinth of an earlier temple. There is also the Pathar Masjid, built of limestone, with a pleasing garden. A dazzlingly white structure on the far bank of the Dal, the Hazratbal Mosque is a famous shrine because it houses a relic that is believed to be Prophet Mohammed’s hair.

Gulmarg Journey

It would be worthwhile to go fishing in any of the lakes in Srinagar. The resort of “Aharbal” offers excellent fishing opportunities: there’s a great waterfall too. “Daksum” is very famous for its scenic mountain beauty and clear, sparkling streams with bountiful of catch. The Kashmir valley is also known for for its sericulture and cold-water fisheries.

“Badamvaer”in Kashmiri for “The garden of almond blossoms” lies on the foot end of the Hari Parbat Fort. This fort, also called “Koh-i-Maran” or “Faseel-e-Akbari” which has now been restored and although today it is just a part of what used to be “Bagh-e-Wariskhan” earlier, nevertheless is a sight that is unmistakably an enigmatic panorama!

Srinagar is popular for its houseboats, which do not float free around the lake, but are anchored off-shore. It is a great and unique way to enjoy your stay in the city, as they offer all the facilities of a lodge or a guest house, with fully-furnished bedrooms and associated amenities!


Kheer Bhawani is a temple dedicated to the Goddess Kheer Bhawani (originally just Bhawani) constructed over a sacred spring. The worship is universal among the Hindu of Kashmir. The temple is situated at a distance of 14 miles east of Srinagar near the village of Tula Mula. The term kheer refers to rice pudding that is offered in the spring to propitiate the Goddess, which became a part of the name of the temple.

Gulmarg or ‘the meadow of flowers’. is a perennial favourite and a hot destination on the outskirts of Kashmir. The slopes of the Apharwat hills (of the Himalayas) here are one of the highest ski slopes in Asia, as due to its’ unique geographical location, this place gets some of the heaviest snowfall in the Himalayan region. A huge meadow ringed by fir trees and snowy peaks, wide open spaces, mountain-fresh air nature walks, birdwatching, skiing on winter, pony rides The meadow’s cup-like shape means that from any one point you can see the rest of the expanse with its softly undulating slopes. There’s a walk, called the Inner Ring Road, that you can wander along on foot, if not riding on a pony, or another walk called the Outer Ring Road which takes you through stands of pine. The Gondola Cable Car, which boasts as the highest lift -accessible ski terrain in the world, is a big attraction for skiers and non-skiiers because of the great views and goes all the way to the Apharwat peak which is rather popular for a trek as high up in the massif lies a seldom-visited mountain lake, half frozen even in summer. One distinctive rooftop in Gulmarg is the Maharani Temple and closeby is the St. Mary’s Church. For meals, there are hotels and a rash of dhabas in the market, with a choice of delectable cuisine. You can have a game of golf at the highest golf course here, using hired clubs.

Amarnath a Famous Hindu Temple in India

“Pahalgam” or the village of Shepherds is a very popular resort ninety kilometers south of Srinagar. It has some magnificent plains (like Baisaran) where horse-riding can be indulged in. Again, there are some fantastic angler opportunities as well and a lot of trekking routes, including the one that goes to Amarnath, a Hindu pilgrimage shrine deep in the Himalayas The Shaivite Mamleshwar Temple is another historical shrine and the ruins of the Martand Sun Temple, are an interesting archaeological site.

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