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Dargah Sharif Ajmer attractions

Ajmer, is famed for being a significant religious site, as faith and history, both have proclaimed it as the final resting place of, the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, with his preachings, `Be generous like a river, affectionate like the Sun, and hospitable like the Earth’, whose disciples included the Mughal Emperors. Hence secular tourists from around the globe, visit the Dargah Sharif, to seek blessings in the name of `Maula’ and to pray for the fulfilment of their desires. The air around the area is thick with roses, incense and the fervour of prayer. Also known as Garib Nawaz, or the helper of the poor, this Saint was a giant figure on the Sufi map of the sub-continent. The Ajmer Dargah, is a complex full of many structures and encloses the Akbari Masjid and the Buland Darwaza. You may walk down a congested alley to the left of the dargah entrance to have a look at the exquisitely carved Adhai-Din-ka-Jhonpra. There are some charming picnic spots and artificial lakes in Ajmer such as Ana Sagar, Ajaipal, Foy Sagar. Around Ajmer, tourists could visit Kishangarh , the centre of fine artistic tradition creating the most endeared miniatures, the popular paintings being called `Bani Thani Radha’. Another area closeby is the Badnor which has a Jai Mahal, a lakeside retreat that offers bewildering views of the surrounding hills. The Rathore Thakurs of this area, have their venetian glass collection on display here, and the Badnor Fort makes for a historical trip, on the Beautiful Hilly Vacation Package!

It’s time to swing into a different direction! Coorg, specifically is known for its aromatic spices and captivating waters that make it as refreshing as the coffee it grows. Also known as Kodagu, in the south-western Karnataka, the hill station has its undulated topography carpeted in green, often covered with thin white fog. Bamboo, rosewood forests, sandalwood, streams, rivulets line up the entire area along with children of the river Cauvery wending their way through land. Waterfalls, deep ravines, paddy fields, grassy downs, coffee bushes with red berries, pepper, cardamom, oranges, nutmeg, turmeric, lemon grass together spell it as a land fecund beyond belief! The highlanders comprise of a martial race of men and women who compel a second glance with their chiselled profiles, stately bearing dress, and ofcourse, the crisp air-conditioned weather! A definition beyond countless definitions …….. sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Madkeri or Mekara is the main town of Coorg famous for viewing sunrises and sunsets and encloses the Abbi Falls and the remarkable Omkareshwara Temple in a mosque like style! The town is a trekker`s paradise up and down the hills, through coffee and pepper plantations. Bhagamandala is another temple town at the confluence of the Cauvery with the Kannike and the invisible Sujyothi rivers. The Wildlife Society here is based in Madikeri and promotes wildlife and environmental conservation and also organizes treks to Pushpagiri and Brahmagiri Sanctuary. The Dubare Reserve Forest is famous for the Elephant Training Camp where the tourists can watch the elephants in various states of eating, bathing, and being themselves and to go on wildlife safaris. Kakkabe lies at the base of the Western Ghats in the southern side and the heavy rainforest cover means a rich bounty of rare orchids, plants and birds. Scenic treks take you to Mallamma Betta, Soma Male and Kabbe Pass form where you can espy clouds caressing Kerala’s hills. The prize catch is Thadiyendamol, the highest peak in Coorg! The Nilakandi Waterfalls, the Igguthappa Temple, and the Nalnad Palace, are places of interest and historical significance in this area. The Siddapur’s lush forests have been transformed into sprawling coffee estates, as earlier this place was considered `the place of the divine’, which perhaps has lent its hand to bless Siddapur with optimal rainfall and a gently undulating terrain, inculcating the correct balance! You could take a stroll through Ammathi twisting and turning past coffee estates, Pollibetta which is home to a beautiful ninehole golf course, the thickly forested Titimati, and to the trading town of Gonikoppal, on this Beautiful Hilly Vacation Package!

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